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N help with singed

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Junior Member


I have most problem with runes and beiong more specific with quints
I have hp flat , but for singed i think to buy movement speed x3 ( 6k IP ) so he can be a formula 1 and toss , poison etc.Or maybe arm pen and some mov speed or other combo ?
Marks i have magic pen so they stay , glyphs im gonna take mana regen but dunno what for seals...i have hp per lvl but i think about more mana regen ( i have it as well ) or buy flat hp or dodge.
If any1 can help plz answer.
Oh and one more , is build with rylai ( slow for poison = sick! ) is viable for 5v5 ? cuz i've seen on 3v3 and it was crazy...or better RoA ?
Any tips will be helpfull

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Running triple movement speed quints along with utility starts you off with 344 speed - very fast.

I find that mana regen for glyphs is enough, so take something else in seals (I take dodge). Combine it with the dodge mastery and you run around quite fast even with just boots 1.

You won't really need armor pen for anything, even at level 1 of his ult, Singed can take down an entire tower if left unattended.

Rylai's is definitely viable for 5v5, although I myself don't get it until later in the game. I generally start out with a rod of ages first, and then build a few situational ap/defence items, and then for my 5th/6th slot, I'll get a rylais. Some people like to get it earlier, even after the rod of ages, or getting it instead of the rod of ages altogether.