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I feel like LoL's matchmaking is kind of broken.

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Papa Daveski

Junior Member


Whenever you try to solo que in, for say, a draft pick game, its basically guaranteed that you will be last pick and the automatic "support" of the team. I think its dumb that people in lobbies with friends get first pick everytime because most groups dont communicate with you at all, and just assume since they're first pick, they can do whatever they wish. All im saying is that i really wish solo que'ing in draft pick would work out a little better, you never really have the opportunity to pick something you actually want to play or want to learn. I do play with friends pretty often, but when i dont, its almost not even worth it to try and solo que a game in the first place.

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you do know they have a mode for those cases where you dont have a team.... called blind pick... where you dont have to pick after everyone?