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What is your favorite Ryze Runes and why?

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I'm seeing that a lot of people tend to build ryze as follows:

Marks: MRpen
Seals: Mana/lvl
Glyphs: Mana/lvl or CDR
Quints: Spell Vamp or MRpen or MS

i did some calculations and i seem a bit befuddled with the mana/lvl seals and glyphs.
Getting both mana/lvl seals and mana/lvl glyphs will net you 419.58 extra mana at level 18.

Doing some further calculations will show that this gives 31.4685 additional damage on Ryze's Q and 20.979 on his W at level 18 or ~ 1.76 and 1.17 damage/lvl on Q and W respectively

I was thinking that these values seem quite a bit low. Would armor seals and MR glyphs outscale these? wouldn't the resistances help more than a measly 1.75/1.17 damage on your Q/W per level?

Also on quints i haven't actually been able to try out lifesteal runes yet but are these worth it in favor of MRpen and MS? which is truly the best quint for Ryze?

Since getting a voidstaff on ryze or a abyssal scepter is somewhat of a waste (they give AP, not mana) perhaps stacking MRpen is the best choice? how do MS and LS stack up against MRpen?

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Everything MANA RUNES + MP items in game = faceroll

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Marks: Magic Penetration
Seals: Armour
Glyphs: Magic Resist/level
Quints: MS