LoL Cookies!! (Pics!!)

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This is also in the Fan Art Forum, is that alright?

xD I MADE TEEMO COOKIES!!! <3 (and a single Rengar chibi cookie)

My name is Sinly ^.^ I hope to do a whole food montage with league inspiration. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the thread ^.^ My friend gave me his old NA account because I moved my other 2 to OCE /lazy to level a new one up/ IGN on OCE: Sinly Chii

The List of future deliciousness

  • Baron Nashor Cookies
  • Choc Chili Brand Baked Goods
  • Yordle Snap Traps
  • More TBA


Teemo, Shroom and Cottontail

All of the above + A Chibi Rengar