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Ryze bot with a support?

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It's no secret that Ryze's early game potential is low because of a gimped damage output, but what if he was sent bot instead of mid?

With a support like Soraka, he could have enough mana to keep up some damage and health from Soraka would help keep him sustained. Meanwhile, you can send an AD carry mid for the levels and the farm.

Sure, some comps would work better than others, but lets say you have something like:

-Ryze (bot)
-Soraka (bot)
-Shyvana (Jungle)
-Mordekaiser (mid/top)
-Caitlyn (mid/top)

I don't think it would be a horrible idea, sending morde as top/mid seems an obvious choice because it's difficult to lane against a decent one.

Sending Cait mid/top is good because of her range. True she may be a better candidate bot, but she could benefit just as much from the levels as Ryze could from the support at bot.

Shyvana jungle because... well she's shyv. She's fast, reliable, and naturally tanky.

The flaws with this team comp seems to be lack of hard CC but what it lacks for in that it makes up for in damage.

Even with different team comps, I still think Ryze could benefit from pairing with a support.

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That's not a bad idea, but your team lacks cc aside from your rune prison.

Also, Ryze bot ONLY works with Soraka.

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Been trying out different combos bottom with someone else. We've had great success with some odd ones. Latest is Brand / Morgana. I play Morg as support with skill shot stuns and he blows it up with brand. With shield and CC (3 stuns?) we're nearly ungankable and once I get my ult someone IS going to die. A few games ago the enemy team did a weird "all 5 bottom and take turret at level 3". Both of us lived and got a quadra out of it.

Depends on your play style, but try it out. Ignore the hate you get at champ select. Sometimes making weird **** work is too much fun.

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I used to play Morgana bottom lane with a friend who played Ryze on occasion. If you time your roots, the enemy has to sit in the full duration of Tormented Soil, which is devastating. The full 5 ticks of MR debuff allowed Ryze to deal tons of damage.

With an enemy immobilized for so long, you could even time two full ignites on them. Or use Exhaust to bring them to 0 magic resist immediately.