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Lulu Apreciation

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Hi every one, today i made a game whit lulu and i jsut can tell : OMG! Serious RIOT done a awsome joob on this champion. It's shure then like every new champions she's litlebit over power but it's the first time then i'm able to affirm then i find my main support champion. Ther is the reason : this characther is not a simple support, it's more like a great mage whit some support spells like Morgana, whit her shild and Q spell, she's able to help alot.

Whit what i saw in game she's littlebit like oriana. Why this, cus due to the transfert of Pix on ennemy or ally, it creating a great attack chain.

Thy to dosent take care about mistakes, i done this ath 1 H AM XD to motch play whit Lulu!