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Another Stupid Topic. Check it out.

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Hello i have recently bought Shaco, and im wondering whats better to be AD or AP, pros and cons, and what are the best runes for each build. Thank you very much.

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Jungle/attack speed, you utlize the effect of Bloodrazor with your clone and early game you jungle. This brings several advantages;
- There is an extra solo lane, a teammate gets extra exp.
- You are about on par with a solo lane, so you change 1 solo lane into 3 solo
- You will have both buffs most of the time, this makes ganking a lot easier
- You will be constantly MIA, the enemy will never know when to expect you, this makes ganking a lot easier too.

Cloth armor, 5x health pot
Madreds razor
+1 boots
vamp scepter
Madreds razor > madreds bloodrazor
+1 boots > Mercury's
Guardian angel or Aegis of the Legion
Last Whisper

Red: Attack speed
Yellow: Mana regen/5 per level
Blue: Mana regen /5 per level
Quints: Attack speed

This will give you 28 mana regen per 5 seconds at level 18 and 25% attack speed.

Summoner spells:
Ghost & Smite

(without any crit masteries from offensive, you don't go for crit with this build).

Skill order:
1. W
2. E
3. Q or E (Q if there's an opportunity to gank)
4. Q or E (whatever you didn't get at 3)
5. E
6. R
-- From there on, R>E>W>Q
E does nice static damage, a miss chance and a slow. This is like a semi-exhaust, but permanent. The miss chance is great for jungling and the slow and short cooldown nuke are great for ganking.
W does surprisingly much damage ranked to the max, 100 per hit. The fear effect extends per rank, this is also very beneficial
Q's damage scales off your AD. Early on, this isn't much at all. E will deal more damage. You will take 1 rank of Q which will be used for initiating or escaping.

How to jungle with Shaco;

Buy Cloth Armor and 5x Health pot
Run to the Ancient Golem spawn point asap, ask your lane mate to cover you until the minions spawn, people will sometimes try to gank you when they notice you have smite. Having a friend watching your back should help.
Place 3 boxes at the spawn point (next to the cauldron, the Golem will spawn right in front of it, this ensures that they will attack the Golem).
Next, place 2 boxes in front of the camp next to Ancient Golem (all the way against the opposing wall, you can pull them in there). Go back to the Ancient Golem spawn point and when he spawns, place one JitB when the fear effect of the other ones is over, so you get a second fear. Smite him at 1/2 hp, finish off the little lizards quickly. You are now level 2.

Go to the camp next to the Ancient Golem camp, which has either 3 wolves or 2 lesser Golems in it. Pull them into your nest and place a third box as they pop up. Kill them off with the help of Two-shiv, you can spam this thanks to the Golem buff.

Now, move to the other side of the jungle, to the Wraith camp. Place a box behind the blue Wraith, shiv and attack him. He should die soon. Now kill the other Wraiths.

Next, place a box in front of the lizard, just so it wont pop up automatically. When the cooldown of your box is nearly finished, pull the lizard into your box's range with Two-shiv and place another box next to lizard, so it will be feared twice. Your Smite should be just ready by now, use it on the Lizard. Kill off the small lizards. Next, go to the final camp and kill the monsters with JitB/Two-shiv.

You will hit level 4. Get 1 point in Q (you could've gotten it in 3 already if you had the opportunity to gank). From here on, jungle, roam, gank, push. Get the dragon whenever you can, starting at level 6. Try to keep your deaths to a minimum. In team fights, wait until your tank has initiated, deceive in, drop a Box in the centre and focus the squishy. Pop up your doppelganger immediately to distract them and make your escape with Ghost and run off until your Deceive is available whenever you get focussed.

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WoW thanks for the mini guide <3