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New Map?

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I know I've been begging for a new map, perhaps others have been as well.
I'm pretty bored, and with lots of time I can come up with pretty idiotically impossible/ decent Map Ideas, here I go x)

The map will be called "Ruins of Summoner's Rift"
It will take place in the future, but a stadium is a stadium am I right?
The Champions of the League don't care where they fight as long as they win eh?
We can say Zilean allowed the League to connect with the future or something.

Game style will be the same as SR or TT
There won't be any fancy spawn location or anything like that. Just a camp-out where the Champions spawn. I'm thinking of a 4 player map maybe.. or 6 players, I want the numbers to be even numbers because I am imagining this map to have two lanes like Twisted Treeline. Guess it doesn't matter as I'm just putting an idea out there

The teams will spawn in the top left and the bottom right instead of top right and bottom left. For the reason that the original spawn points have been left in ruins and the monsters have taken over. Where the Nexus used to be, there will be the blue and red buffs and they will be tougher to beat. (Maybe bringing in the idea of double jungling? yes? no? :P
Dragon or Baron will be situated in the middle of the river. There shouldn't be such a huge demand over Dragon because of the presence of red and blue buff being so powerful.

Just an Idea
Btw guiz, How I shoot Blowdart? - Teemo

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sounds interesting, I would be willing to play on this

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At this point I'd play any new map.

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The new map is a good proposal but we will have to say to the riots