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I've recently bought Wukong and I love him, but i am just not good at him

My summoner is level 21, and I've been running 21/0/0 mastery on him
And I cannot afford a good rune page, so all I have are Flat AD Quint, Flat AD Red, Flat Armor Yellow, Flat MR Blue

My build is more of a glass cannon build, with prospectus blade, brutaliser, ionian boots, and then sanguine blade, entrophy, last whisper.

I have slowly realise the importance of burst damage on Wukong, but I am not sure how to build him right

One time I saw a Wukong with only Frozen mallet and Atmas impaler, and he seem to have no problem killing everyone.

So can someone help me out with some possible builds, and mastery??? Thanks

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boots + prospectors
brutalizer phage -> trinity force + lv 2 boots
throw in a vamp scepter at somepoint if you need it
maybe Atmas, but at this point you can itemize some tankyness to counter enemy team

boots + prospectors
Brutalizer + BF Sword -> IE + Youmous + lv2 boots
More crit or tankyness

It depends on your team comp and what you are up against. Those are the main builds I have seen be successful. I don't recommend fratmas at this point because you do almost no damage until you are about 7k gold into your build (Fratmas + boots + starting item)

For masteries I highly recommend 21-9-0. Flat Armor pen is very strong on Wukong because his % armor reduction from Q is applied before the flat pen. If you really need the survivability maybe 9-21-0 is ok, but if you go that path, you should probably plan on building last whisper since you won't have the extra flat pen from offense tree.

I don't play wukong THAT much, but he is pretty popular, so I've seen a fair amount of them play.

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Hugs From Momma

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build AD

two-shot everything

be a monkey