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Hi Reds. Can we get any comments on Jax and Xin?

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I know Jax was just remade..

But the new dodge ability is pretty.. idk. Weak? I know you guys and gals don't have many options. But could you decrease the cooldown just a tad bit? And maybe increase the aoe? I was just told that the range on it is 300. And Riven's stun is 250. But I feel like Riven has the larger stun range...

And Xin..

Poor poor Xin Xhao..

AD Scaling on his ult? AD scaling on his E? Or even change his E like you did Katarina's Shumpo ability. If Xin Xhao has his W on before he uses E. Then he charges through the champ to the other side. Allowing Xin's to get all 3 hits on his Q.

I know these have been said over and over. But it is kinda annoying how these 2 champs, who used to be the scariest champs to 1v1. Are just like.. Eh.