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[Drop-in Spectate][minor] Buffs and Kill announcer

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Heron Blade

Senior Member


I Dropped in on one of my friends games. he was doing one against all bots. I came in about 15 minutes into the game. He was playing Veigar and I locked in on him to just watch. I heard the sound that confirmed he had a buff. I didn't see the buff around the champion. Also when I arrived his K/D/A was 14/0/7, but it started him on a different killing spree when I arrived. so when it was 17/0/8, "Killing spree!"

1. Drop-in-spectate a game where someone has just received a buff/is on a killing spree.
2. check to see if the buff is around the champion or wait until they start another killing spree.

I hope this was helpful. some feedback would be nice.