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Solo ranked is retarded!

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I'm saying that a positive attitude and a little bit of guidance/leadership can make a ****ty team acceptable.

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ok, first of all If your TOP ranking is 1366 you definitively dont belong there, thats your highest achievement and not your regular level.

Second you story sounds really terrible, but statistically its imposible for you to ALWAYS have the short end of the straw. That said, maybe you're competent, but not great. So, in even matches your skill is not enough to give you the edge?

Also it is widely know that Duo partner increases your winning chances by a fair amount. If you dont know someone who's "up-to-your-level" then try making some acquaintance to Duo.

Maybe, just maybe, you should reflect if luck is really the decisive factor or if you are doing something wrong. From your post it seems like you're a) Godlike, b) High-egoed

Statistically its possible. if i had a 99% chance to roll a 6 on a dice. id have a chance to roll that 6 1999999999999999999999 times in a row.

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I'm stuck at 970 because I always play ranked Solo. Every other game you get stuck with idiots.

~Irritated InstaPwn

Really? No wonder why you're doing so poorly. I mean, just look at your score:

I even checked out your Season 1 & 2 Ranked Stats and almost all of your champs have a negative k/d ratio. What gives man? Are you REALLY sure it's not just YOU that's doing bad? I mean, just check out your Season 3 ranked game stats:

Ashe - 1/8/3
Heimerdinger - 0/8/4
Nami - 0/6/16 <-- understandable, support
Taric - 0/2/0 <-- not understandable, no assists
Warwick - 5/8/15

Please stop complaining about everyone else until you get up your own k/d ratio.

Here's a video I made to try and help you and newbies get a higher chance at winning... cause right now your attitude just flat out stinks:

http://youtu.be/7VO70M_zeng (http://youtu.be/7VO70M_zeng)

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