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Dominion community needs to see this

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I agree for the most part. I still like seeing where I'm at compared to others but I care more about having fun than anything. Even if we lose the game, as long as it was fun and everyone was like "epic game omg" or "close one, that was awesome wp" then it is a good game regardless of the winner. The game is supposed to be fun and when you care more about your personal score as opposed to the well being of the team you're currently in game with, you are missing out on the whole point of the game.

I've been playing League for a long time, and I really enjoy Dominion now. If you want to enjoy this game mode, don't get upset over every little loss or when your teammate does something you don't agree with or like. If you have a problem with someone, freaking out and calling them names and insulting their gameplay and then whining about your ELO taking a hit...well no one really cares except for the chuckle you provide. It's amusing to think about someone getting really ticked off and huffing and puffing about it. I know because my roommate is exactly the type and complains and freaks out on his teammates in game and I can hear him in the other room muttering all sorts of profanities. He misses out on the point. Anyway, game on.

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If the match making wasnt so bad i would agree with this thread. but when you are 2000+ elo having played almost 1000 games and then you get 1200 elo with 10 games, and then the rest are all 1600 elo with 300 games or below... yeah that sucks balls.