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Jarvan IV guide! (Jungle, Tank)

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There are several bad things going on here:

a) Armor pen is near useless when jungling. Many monsters have very low armor. Going APen red AND quints is wayyy overkill. You never do more than 100% damage either. Penetration is NOT reduction and percentage based happens AFTER flat.

b) Why utility?!? Summoner cooldowns arent THAT essential at all! A 9 offense, 21 defense is pretty standard for junglers as it adds speed and safety. Even 21-9-0 is good too since it adds a good deal of speed, while keeping some armor and bladed armor.
Some take up to 9 utility if they really really need the buff duration boost. But 21 utility just isn't needed.

c) you are seriously suggesting a bloodrazor? On a champ with AD scaling skills? Nooo. That is much worse than alternatives.

Oh and many will whine about it being on mobafire too, so expect that.