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Help with jungler runes and masteries? Thanks

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Junior Member


Whats the best build for a jungler? like lee sin, udyr, ww, riven,etc...

and masteries!


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Each one will be specced slightly differantly. Some junglers scale with attack speed (WW, Nocturne) while others scale better with flat AD (Trundle and, i imagine, riven)

If they are god tier junglers take movequints for superior ganks since you can take a hit to your jungle robustness; perhaps boots + 3 pots too - test in custom.

Armour yellows for most; WW can go without in favour of more jungle clearing speed.

Magic resist/level for blues is good. Midgame people nuke initators because its the best way to turn around a gank/fight before it even begins; endgame baddies will still nuke initators even when its not a good idea Burst vs Resists wise.

Going full offence + veteran scars; full defence + armour pen; full offence + buff masteries etc is something you'll have to balance.