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More Classic Skins Retiring from the Store!

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This legacy "skin retirement" project has me perplexed.

It seems to me that RIOT is trading an unlimited source of revenue (via RP skin purchases for said skins) over the coming years, for temporary increases in select skin purchases, all due to the desire of the players to have the legacy skins before they become unavailable.

Now, this would seem more reasonable if they had left the skins at max price or perhaps 25% off, as that would bring in a proper return.

However, they throw down the price to 25% of normal and then after the weekend the skins are restricted from purchase.

I don't have the books showing the amount of purchases normally and during the legacy sale, but it seems to me that RIOT has created a system by which they are actively reducing their revenue. Furthermore, given that these skins require no upkeep whatsoever, metaphorically speaking, to keep on the shelves... I must say this is one of the ridiculous ideas I've ever seen.

On a side note... I do understand making certain skins such as the PAX, Holiday, and Olympic skins non-purchasable, as they actually correspond to some specific event of whatever importance and, as such, should be worthy of a legacy.

These new "legacy" skins are just extra merchandise (generally boring skins) for the store which could be purchased by new players and old players alike for years to come.

Restricting these skins (not the event related ones) from customers who would be willing to buy them is one of the strangest decisions I've ever seen a gaming company make.

There must be some plan behind the scenes for temporary resale, as that is the only reasonable explanation.

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I went ahead and bought Kayle's skin because it was cheap and when I got in to check it out today it was gone and my RP that I spent to get it is still gone!

I realize this was only a couple hundred RP but if I bought the skin then that would mean that I will probably use the skin, so why did it get deleted from my account?

If someone can tell me this I would certainly LOVE to know why I got cheated!!!!

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To the above poster, and others that might have seen the same problem, I have all 4 of these legacy skins, and it's not showing up for me on my account either when you try to look at them in your owned champions list... it's just a bug I'm sure, and I'm not sure if you can pick them in champ selection or not but I would imagine you can.

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