My remake of heimerdinger

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TL Phrost

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His turrets are really dumb for pushing and he is just in general a very uninteresting champion because you get rewarded more for turret farms than you do for participating in team battles.

Basically he needs to be less solo oriented, do more in a team battle, and not instantly get gibbed which is what happens now if you dont run around your turret farm.

Q- Change this to a TF2 engineer style machine building skill. Shared 20 sec cooldown
Q+Q= Single turret, medium health/damage, max 1 turret
Q+W= Teleport pad, similar to TF2, lets allies warp in from base. Low hp so it cant be just thrown anywhere
Q+E= Zap Trap, similar to stun trap from WC3. summons an invisible landmine that when you get near comes up and stuns all enemies around it for 2 seconds.

W- Change to Upgrade!!!
Upgrading a turret increases damage, health, gives it new abilities
Upgrading teleport pad increases the rate at which it recharges
Upgrading Zap traps lets them stun for a longer time

E- keep it the concussion grenade, good skill

R- Finest Creation!
Heimerdinger's Robot falls from the sky dealing 100/200/300 (+0.5) magic damage in a small area and stuns everyone for 2 seconds. Heimerdinger drives the robot for 30 seconds or until it dies. While inside the robot heimerdinger takes no damage. Robot has 450/800/1050 (+1.5) hp and deals damage equal to heimerdinger's attack plus 20/40/60 (+0.3) when it attacks. When it dies heimerdinger is ejected from the robot and is stunned for 2 seconds.