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c: Average player.

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Devious Rogue

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play your fav champ. get all of his/her game mechanics down. make goals for yourself via cs rate. KDR.

another tip is getting kills doesnt mean everything. greed kills. i much prefer having a lower death rate than kill rate. (means you dont waste anymore time than you already have to)

Trading kills is almost never worth it unless it is for first blood, or the enemy has a spree going.

One thing I always keep in mind when playing is that if you dive into a group of enemies and get a kill and die, your team gets a kill, but the enemy team gets a kill and several assists. For this reason, I love it when an enemy dives into my team to kill one and dies in turn.

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What I did to improve is try every champion. That way i know what they can do and can't do. Also, I learn their weaknesses and strengths. Then I found my favorite champion. In my case it was Ashe. She farms very well and has a global ult. Unintentionally, I farmed a lot and when I had a little down time I actually watch other players for a chance to shoot my arrow. I learned a few tricks that way such as escaping.

Sometimes you just have to be patient. This is especially true for AP champions that have to wait for their CDs.

I also want to add that I like to talk to myself. I try to predict what the enemy is going to do such as when they are going to gank. I found I am surprisingly pretty accurate.