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Should Ryze's Ult Be Adjusted

Do not allow Ryze's ult to bounce off of himself 17 40.48%
Have Ryze's ult deal half damage to himself when it bounces off of him 7 16.67%
Do nothing, its fine the way it is 18 42.86%
Voters 42 .

Adjusting Ryze's Ult

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Again, you didn't read my post. I specifically described how Ryze's ult works and having creeps around does not lower the damage.

Having creep around means the potential for it to bounce back to you, the enemy champ, is much lower. Sure! It COULD happen that it ONLY hits you and doesn't touch the creep, but what I'm telling you is that it's worse now than it was pre-patch because the range at which it bounces is so high that creep could be half a screen away and Ryze's ult will tear on over and bounce on them. Most likely, hitting MORE than one of them, since they're all so close, meaning it's NOT hitting you.

He's really not that scary, or anywhere near OP. And he's really worthless against quite a few champs.