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why is ranked so hard for people to understand

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[QUOTE=Big Skler;21832520]I hate it when people say "I'm bad at <role>." No offense, but if you can't be passable in every role you shouldn't be playing ranked.

I used to be that guy (I strictly played AP mids, and was really good at just being an AP mid) and I'd lose games because sometimes we had other people who were only good at AP mid. You won't be capable of winning a lot unless you, or your team, is flexible. I just sigh when three people say "I can only mid/top."

Completely agree with everything in your post.

I also used to be that guy.. Coincidentally, I played ap mid as well.
Granted, my best role is still ap mid; but since season 1 started and we all began to understand (hopefully...) competitive play, I've done more than just attempt to expand my proficiencies, I've diligently strived to become BETTER with every role than I am with ap mid.

Your personal favorite role is what feels most natural to the play-style you've developed while playing LoL (and/or DotA/HoN - whatever). Many people need to really push themselves to branch out: not just to able to "fill the spot" and make a team comp work, but to really UNDERSTAND the larger picture of the game. If you can't play support, I'm guessing your macro blows and you can't fathom how to contribute to map control. Similarly, if you can't jungle, I'm willing to bet that you have no clue about how to manage objectives (buffs, dragon, and baron). You get the point, I'm sure.

Look, we all need to recognize that we can ALWAYS improve our game (and anything else we do with any sort of effort). Even the pros are always trying new things (save TSM.. lol), challenging their conventional play, and ultimately contributing to how the game itself is approached throughout the community.

If you want to be a better player, learn how to use every champion in every lane (lolevemid). If you can play a champ well, you can play against that champ well. Ultimately, learning the entire game, and not just one role of the game is going to make you a stronger player. Trust me, I used to play only ap mid..

Oh, one last point about ranked/draft champ select.. Why is it that we can't coordinate picks very well in soloqueue? Why the **** would ever first pick your solomid? Unless you're picking cassiopeia, who currently has no real counter (and should be banned over morgana IMO), you're just going to get hard counter-picked (assuming they even kind of know what's going on). The same goes for top - first pick: "imma pwn dem wit gangplank lulz." Immediately thereafter, pantheon is picked. Cry all game gp.
The player who gets put as first should ALWAYS communicate with his team! FIgure out who wants to play what. Determine your jungler, your carry, and your support. Secure champions to trade with team...

I've rambled on long enough... I don't even play ranked anymore - was playing at 1476 elo and dropped to below 1100 after a series of trolls and obstinate noobs that would only play mid (and proceeded to feed if they didn't get it... they'd usually feed even if they did.) That was towards the beginning of the season..

Sorry about my wall of text! I had stuff to say I guess..

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Honestly, if someone calls a champ and/or role, it's probably because they can't play anything else. Why jeopardize the match by making them play a role/champ they can't play?

Though of course, if you're playing ranked, one should be able to cover any role.

you got a point man but isn't funny when 3 ppl in ur rank team ask to play the same thing or in late game start ptless arguements about their picks n flame on!!! chat.

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I agree that it's a good thing to tell everyone what you're the best at. However, starting with MID VLADIMIR OR FEED, to take an example from a recent draft pick game, is not a good thing to do.

Anyone playing ranked needs to be able to play what the team needs, as that's pretty much the point of ranked.

Ranked isn't for trying new champions.

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A recurring problem I see is nearly every player I encounter is selfish and immature, insisting on playing one single desired role, and refusing to compromise.

Sometimes they don't breathe a word in the champion select chat. They simply take their champ regardless of what might be needed. I've also seen these people go into mid lane when someone else is already there and refuse to leave.

Trolls don't communicate about their role. They are immature and will always pick the role they want no matter what. And sadly, a large percentage of solo queue players are trolls it seems.