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League of Legends One-Shots

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November Anon

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Here I'll be posting various, unrelated one-shot stories that my muse decides to give to me. As I've been working on several Warhammer 40k fics as of late, I'm burned out and need another outlet for some random stories to get my creative juices flowing again.

As such, enjoy the stories:

The Scout's Titillation

Teemo had one guilty pleasure above all else.

Well, to tell the truth, the little Bandle City Scout had many guilty pleasures - ranging from giving anonymous gifts to Tristana to playing pranks on Garen and the other Demacians - but he had one in particular that he treasured above all else on Summoner's Rift:

Kill stealing.

Oh sure, they always blamed the summoners for his antics, but every so often a summoner would protest that "He didn't do what I told him to do" or "He attacked by himself". Such protests fell on deaf ears, but they weren't that far off from the truth.

As he sat warded in the brush, the soft grass feeling comfortable upon his tiny feet, he waited patiently as a frustrated Garen weaved in-and-out of the minion wave, taking small jabs of damage at Talon as the Noxian continued raking huge bounties of wealth in the form of minion kills. As the unwary assassin approached the tower, Teemo readied his blow gun, watching as the combined efforts of Garen and the allied tower wore down Talon's health. As he limped away towards the brush, Teemo, against all orders from his summoner, struck.

A blinding dart flew out, confusing Talon as Garen zeroed in for the kill. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Warwick appeared. Teemo, though the mind link to his summoner, realized that none of the other enemy champions were in their lanes. The summoner frantically ordered Teemo to retreat, communicating to Garen's summoner that a gank was in position to eliminate them.

Teemo held firm. The kill would be his.

As Garen spun back towards the allied tower, Warwick having slashed away a significant amount of his health, Teemo began firing once more. As he rapidly whittled away Talon's health, his lips curved into a smile around his gun. The announcer neutrally said, "An enemy has been slain!"

Teemo continued firing, having switched targets to the Warwick who had just come to gank. Not realizing the gravity of the situation, Warwick merely scampered across the lane before spotting Teemo in the bushes. Dashing at him, he pinned the little Yordle down as Katarina and Janna arrived from bottom lane. As Warwick lessened his grip, Teemo quickly made a break for it, only to be stopped dead in his tracks by a gust of wind from Janna. Refusing to back down, he continued firing, his health nearing dangerous levels as Katarina moved in to finish him.

"DEMACIA!" Garen yelled as he appeared, sprinting towards his bereaved comrade. As he neared the trio, he began spinning once more, his intricate dance of death bringing ruination upon Warwick and Janna. As Teemo's poison began to take its toll upon the enemy team, Warwick signaled for the middle lane - occupied by Mordekaiser - to help finish off the two bottom champions.

Warwick's call did not make it far.

"Double kill!"

Garen continued spinning, a thin layer of sweat coating his forehead. He knew Katarina and Janna were low. As he ran his sword through her chest, he felt Katarina shiver before falling back, the announcer swiftly following up with, "An enemy has been slain!"

Teemo turned back, having seen Janna trying to make a run for it. He ran, his tiny legs shaking from blood loss, and leaped into the air, one shot ringing true from his blow gun.

"Triple kill!"

Garen grimaced as he saw Mordekaiser arrive, the metal behemoth clanking loudly as he announced his presence with an evil cackle. Teemo saw a sign appear above his head, and he knew he was going to die.

Never underestimate the Scout's Code, he thought to himself as he ran relentlessly towards the oncoming champion. Firing away, he managed to severely damage the champion's armor before he was demolished by Mordekaiser, the words of the announcer swirling in his head:

"Shut down!"

Those words were quickly replaced by "Double Kill!" as Mordekaiser swung his mace down upon Garen's back. The metal man stood quietly, noting his health was low, before laughing triumphantly. The lane went silent again as the champion proceeded back towards middle lane to clear the minion wave before teleporting back.

Something exploded beneath his feet, and he coughed.

He'd hit a mushroom.

Realizing the danger he was in - compounded by the fact that Teemo's poison was still injuring him, he called out for his teammates, only to realize they had all perished. Calming himself, he sighed quietly as he fell, Teemo's spirit giggling as he heard the announcer pipe up: