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Prolaf: How to Axe Murder jungle creeps

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The McSmashy

Senior Member


SUP GUYS. I'm a guy who likes SHOUTING, and I like CHAMPIONS WHO SHOUT TOO. I've been playing Jungle Prolaf for quite a while now, and have been experimenting with different builds and ****, because he's COOL and INTERESTING and HITS PEOPLE WITH AXES. What's not to like! I'm going to give an abridged version here, expanded later, because to be honest, a lot of the Jungle is a well known formula. Standard runes (Arpen/Armor/Scaling MR/AD mark/seal/glyph/quint), standard rune page (21/9/0, bladed armor mastery in Defensive). This stuff is already mathed out and ****. But I'm going to add it later because I'm a COOL DUDE.

What this guide is ACTUALLY going to contain are the few changes I've found to be beneficial to Prolaf Jungle.

Firstly is your starting items. Most junglers start Vamp Scepter, which is good on Olaf, or Clothpots, which is ALSO good on Olaf. I've played a bunch with Dorans Blade, which is SUPER GOOD on Prolaf, but I've found the best starting item for him is Long Sword + 1 health Pot.

Benefits of Longsword start include

  • Bonus AD to start. Olaf scales hard on AD, and his jungle is incredibly fast. Sustain is obtained through W, and defense is for BABIES.
  • Builds into a variety of items. You can get Vamp, X-Men Claws, and finish your Wriggles. Or you can build it into a Brutalizer early, which is my standard build. Or you can make TIAMAT. Oh man the options. A lot moreso than Cloth or Dorans, that's for sure

The second controversial part of Prolaf Jungle is your starting location. Olaf is one of those cool bros who can start Wolves, solo, and finish them before Blue Buff spawns. But is this a good idea? I've found that starting Golem with a decent leash is a better Jungle path than Wolves first.
  • Prolaf jungle starts with Undertow, which has RIDONCULOUS CLEAR SPEED. Blue Golem gets you level two, which means you ALSO get Vicious Strikes, giving your Undertow 9% Spellvamp, as well as 9% Lifesteal (Plus 3% from masteries, WOO) on your melee attacks for six seconds (Which is about how long a camp clear will take, if not less). This gives you a lot of jungle sustain, and starting Blue means you have this sustain for an additional camp
  • While Olaf has ridiculous jungle clear speed (If you start Wolves, you'll kill Red without Smite having come off cooldown for example), he is a very risky Jungler. A lot of his clear time comes from his passive; If you're at 20% max HP, you have two free Recurve bows of Attack Speed. Thus, having some bonus sustain is never a bad thing. You'll lose maybe 5 or 10 seconds from your jungle clear, but you'll end at much higher health, and your health potion unused.

Next up, SKILL ORDER. I've already mentioned that I take Undertow (Q) at level 1, because of DAT CLEAR SPEED. At level two, I find it valuable to take Vicious Strikes (W) for DAT SUSTAIN. It makes Q heal you, it makes AXE MURDERING WITH AXES heal you (Outside of LIGHTNING SHOUT DOUBLE AXE MURDER, that's special though), and the other option at the time (Reckless Swing) isn't a good choice for Jungling.

At level 3, however, instead of another level in Undertow, I take another level in Vicious Strikes. More sustain, more heal, you don't need more jungle speed past what you have, and it keeps you a little higher. It also increases your ability to duck into the jungle and come out with three bars more health, which is one of the most fun parts of Prolaf.

At level 4, you need to do a bit of mental math. Olaf has base 325 Movespeed, and you don't have boots when you gank. Look at your opponent. If they have base 310 movespeed, a level 1 Undertow will cut (10% * 2.4 (24%), so 31 * 2.4) 74.4 MS, meaning they'll now be at 240 or so Movespeed. THis is totally catchable, yo, especially if you pop Ghost, if your lane-mate has Ghost, some kind of CC, or boots, or SOMETHING. If this is the case, leave Undertow at level 1, and pick up some RECKLESS SWING DAWG.

If your opponent has base 330 Movespeed, the story is roughly the same. 33 * 2.4 = 79 MS cut, so from 330 - 79 = roughly 250 movespeed. This is still a 75 movespeed difference between you and that sorry lad. However, if they use Ghost and you don't, you won't be able to catch up. This doesn't change between level 1 and 2 of Undertow, though. Keep Undertow at level 1.

If your opponent has Boots of Speed, though! If they're rocking 360-375 Movespeed, lets see what Undertow will do. 375 will cut 90 from the movespeed, thus bringing them down to 285. Still a 50 movespeed difference, Ghost means you won't be catching up (UNLESS YOU USE IT TOO). But, if we put Undertow up another level, it'll cut 105 from their movespeed, bringing them down to 260, which is as if they didn't have Boots of Speed and YOU had Undertow level 1 still.

tl;dr: Leave Undertow at level 1, unless they're a faster champ with Boots, then level it to 2. Do the math though; Round to 25% and 30% instead of 24 and 28, cut a 0 off (330 becomes 33, 400 becomes 40), multiply by 2.5 or 3 (33 becomes 66 (2) + 16.5 (.5)), and compare to yours.

And what do you level if you aren't taking Undertow? The same thing you'll be leveling for the rest of the game; RECKLESS SWING. Level it now whenever available (4, 5, 7, 8, 9 (Skipping 6 because RAGNAROK). It's a huge chunk of your damage, it bursts crazy at level 9. The problem is that is has NO SCALING. This means that it's only frightening at its highest level at any given time. A level 1 Reckless Swing doesn't scare people at level 5, a level THREE Reckless Swing scares people at level 5. This gives you the Level 9 burst of a Lane Olaf who doesn't have to be leveling other things as much. You don't need additional slow on Undertow (As shown above, level two is all that's needed with NATURALLY FAST CHAMPS wearing SHOES), you don't need sustain past what you have at level 2 of Vicious Strikes (12% is the same as Wriggles, after all, and no camp will take more than 6 seconds).

Now onto the NEXT controversial figure: BUILD ORDER. You started with Longsword, didn't you? If not,

get out.

ANYWAY. First back, you want Boots. No question asked. How much money you have from DOMINATING POOR SAPS decides your next purchase. If you have enough, you're going to want to build Brutalizer. BUT WHYYYYY

1.) Because Flat Armor Pen scales great with MORE FLAT ARMOR PEN. Until you've got 50+ Flat ArPen (Which you won't until much later, if ever), you can use more. Ragnarok gives +10/20/30 ArPen per level, your runes will give 15, your masteries will give you 6, Bruta will give you 15. So you'll have 46 Armor Pen at level 6, with a Brutalizer. That's true damage, Kyle! (Sorry, I really like Wonder Boy)

2.) Because Olaf freaking LOVES Cooldown Reduction. 40% gives your RECKLESS SWING DOUBLE AXE LIGHTNING BLOW AXE a 2.6 second cooldown at level 5. That's kinda hilariously nasty, as every 5 seconds you'll be doing over a thousand, unmitigated damage to some poor sap. What's that about Graves having free resistances? TOO BAD

3.) Because Youmuu's Ghostblade, the upgrade, is THE GLUEBLADE. You activate this and you will stick to your target like an ANGRY BERSERKER WITH A SWORD MADE OF GLUE. And there's nothing more scary to a little Veigar or Corki than an ANGRY BERSERKER WITH A SWORD MADE OF GLUE.

4.) Also, Youmuu's and Zeke's together give you 40% CDR.


1.) Most games have two other AD champs: AD Carry bot and a lot of the time you'll have an AD top (Fiora is the current flava-flav, other options include Tryndamere or any of your generic tanky AD deeps). This means you and two others will gain Lifesteal and Attack Speed.

2.) Abovementioned Cooldown reduction notes.

3.) Because Olaf LOVES Health, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduc, and Lifesteal. It's not too expensive, and if you have two other people it's also a big advantage to your allies, too. It saves your gold-starved Support from even CONSIDERING it.

4.) I will admit, Stark's would have been a better choice. TOO BAD, RIOT DOESN'T WANT US TO SERVE UNDER HOUSE STARK.

Warmogs vs Frozen Mallet:
A tough choice, but almost always will swing towards Warmogs. Crazy HP5 (People seem to forget this is here, which is sad), crazy HP, and a little cheaper. With Youmuus, you're going to be sticking to your target anyway, and with Undertow you're going to be slowing anyway. The 20 AD isn't a fair trade for the 500 lowered health, especially since Atmas on Olaf (Which you will ALWAYS BE GETTING, though Warmogs first generally, and even then other items can come first too) is MORE EFFECTIVE as his W is half an Atmas by itself.

BLOODTHIRSTER: If you're not getting CCed often (Which sometimes you will be, your ult doesn't last forever and smart teams will stun you once to make you use it, and then hold the rest of it while kiting your team) this becomes not as useful, and generally you need your Warmogs and Atmas first so you have tank and beef and all that jazz. Keep in mind you're an offtank, and will be focused, so it might be hard to keep stacks on it.

Frozen Heart: A good choice, to be frank. Screws over other AS champs (Fiora, Yi, Tryndamere, OTHER OLAFS TEE HEE), gives you crazy armor, and it gives you Mana, too. AND COOLDOWN REDUCTION, for those people that hate Zeke's. You're going to be in the thick of it, armor never hurts, especially when you have NEAR FOUR THOUSAND HEALTH.

Guardian Angel and Aegis of the Legion: Both are great, general-use Tanky items. Both give Armor and MR, both have additional functions (Aegis gives Armor/MR to your entire team, Aegis lets you come back from death). It's a situation call, though: While GA gives more defenses and lets you RIIISE FROM THE GRAVE, you need to be aware of how easy it is for your opponents to position themselves and murder you the moment you rise. On the upside, your cooldowns will be up when you rise, and the team might de-aggro you and is too busy focusing someone else for them to realize they have an ANGRY BERSERKER WITH A SWORD MADE OF GLUE swinging at them again (And then you'll be at full health within seconds). On the other hand, Aegis gives tank to your entire team, and if your INCREDIBLY NICE SUPPORT also got one, you'll get a double dip of the Aura bonus for INCREASED TANK (And they get increased tank from AURA DOUBLE DIP TOO).

Phantom Dancer: Hit or miss, to be honest. Attack speed is great on Olaf as his only other way to get it is Youmuu's and BEING NEAR DEATH, movespeed is EVEN BETTER, but Crit doesn't help him too much. The only other item you're liable to have with Crit is Youmuu's, as you can't just build IE/PDs like AD carries since you need sustain and MASSIVE HEALTH. Definitely an option, though.

Tri-force: NEVER. Go away.

Lich Bane: AP Olaf is actually a very valid build and you can deal a lot of dama-okay I can't even say this with a straight face.

Stacking Warmogs is always an option, if you have 140+ of each resistance (On average). More AD from Atma, more AD from your W (3% (2% Atma, 1% Viscous Strikes) of 1250 is 37.5, thus each Warmogs gives you only 7.5 less than a Best Friend Sword), and MORE HEALTH.

One last note that I feel is important for Olaf is about GANKING. You never EVER want to throw your Undertow when BEHIND an opponent. This will put your Axe too far away to pick up and Undertow again when chasing, even if it DOES hit. You want to make a beeline across the lane to cut them off, and hit them with your Undertow when they're directly in front of you, or between you and their Tower. Obviously, this isn't 100% true (They only have the health to survive a Q and an E)

I'll add a graphic with happy Olaf faces later.

QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, THINGS I LEFT OUT. This is a preliminary draft and will have more stuff added in later, but for now this is what I's got. Any constructive feedback is appreciated (LOL YOU LEVEL E FIRST STUPID vs 'You should consider early levels in Undertow for bonus damage'), I'll reply when I can and probably add stuff in. Coming later is things to be scared of and the stuff that I left out because most Junglers are identical in that regards. I also need to test out not getting Bladed Armor but instead the HP Defensive mastery.