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1000 Elo, what should I play and what should I learn?

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Basically, I'm looking for a role and a champion to play in order to progress in ranked.

Solo top and mid are almost always "claimed" by people at the start, and taking the lanes anyway can cause rage or trolling which isn't worth dealing with, so honestly those probably aren't good roles to look at.

That leaves support, jungle and carry.

From what I've seen and experienced, support is almost pointless to play in 1000 Elo, relaying completely on my team mates to not screw up leaves a lot to chance.

Maybe a really agressive support like Blitzcrank, Teemo, LeBlanc or Lux could work out, but I don't know for sure.

I'm not really an amazing jungler, but I can learn. From what I've seen it's important to pick ganking junglers over anything else in this elo, because the second a team is down 2-3 kills somebody gives up and if you don't gank constantly then you get a lot of hate for sucking at jungling.

Partially the reason my Elo fell from 1180 to 1000 is because I was so insistant on jungling Shyvana. Don't get me wrong I still hold Shyvana is a good jungler, but unless you can pull off ganks with her on a non-extended lane then you aren't going to win, I'm just not good enough to jungle shyvana yet.

Maybe jungle Shen or something, depending on their jungler. Alistar is always good for an early start, but I usually suck with him later in the game.

Finally the carry, the main carry I played was Ashe and I had moderate sucess with her, but I feel like the carry doesn't have much of an effect on the game simply because in this Elo games are decided before the 20 min mark. I can farm half decently for my Elo, but it doesn't matter if somebody dies three times and the rest of the team surrenders at 20, when you're that squishy you need support from your team or massive farm, neither of which is readily avalible within this Elo.

So, please suggest something I should do, champions I feel like I'm "good" (Not a complete failure) with are:

Shen, Riven, Ashe, Teemo, Soraka, Shyvana (lane), Alistar (jungle), Tristiana.

Can any of these champions really help me pull out of 1000 Elo if played well?

Some, like Riven are beasts early and mid, but can't really do much outside of clean up in team fights, are teams need all the help they can get.

Others, like Ashe and Tristiana rarely get a team that won't quit after the 20 minute mark.

And finally supports like Soraka and Janna really don't have enough outcome over the game, yeah I can keep my carry alive for the most part but I don't really know if the carry is going to take advantage of that or not.

eh, is there anybody out there who might be willing to duo que this elo?

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Shyvana jungle is fine, but you can't be just farming your own jungle. As you've mentioned she's a quick clear jungler, not a ganker - To be a successful with her, you have to shut down the enemy ganking jungler by constantly counterjungling. Since she's so fast and safe, focus your attention on starving the enemy jungler. Drop a ward or two in key spots to stay safe, steal buffs, and counter-ganks - even though your ganks are poor, getting to the lane can easily save your teammate from a gank. Most of the best gankers are also poor farmers so if you prevent an early gank or two and counter constantly they'll quickly be so underlevelled as to be useless.

Also, there's nothing wrong with playing support as long as you can accept that you can't win games on your own. Picking a role that can hard carry your team out of "elo hell" only works if you actually don't belong there, which is rare unless you're smurfing. If you can tolerate a slow ride up as you improve your play, a support like soraka is great for saving your team (esp your carry in lane), which may help get games past 20 min. Also, don't think of support as only heal/aura/ward-bots - Soraka's silence, for example, can easily make or break a fight as a crippling counter-initiate.

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hey . In 1000 elo you should carry your team if possible . Champions like akali ,ww, or some burst champions . Just try to make the early game advantage on your team most of the time at elo hell people jsut leave or rage by min 15-20

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I disagree with Orange. His advice leads to a risky make or break before 20min game. Similar to what OP said about Ashe, you basically rely on everyone on your team to stay alive and farm faster than the enemy.

If you want a safe route out of elo hell, you need to duo q with an AD carry, and go 2v2 on bottom lane. Alistar should be played on bottom lane because of his ability to isolate their ad carry from their team mate. Here is how:
1 wait for them to get close to one another
2 headbutt the tank or support in their lane
3 immediately stomp the ground to make their ad stand there and take hits for a couple sec
4 if their ad focuses you, ult and have at him

5 if their ad carry is low hp, an D's your flash and ult are both ready, you can safely tower dive, ult, punt their ad to your ad, stomp their support tank, and flash out. This leads to insane rage, and you will see the two camps on their team asking everyone to ban the other.

Janna makes a great support if you can coordinate with your ad carry on skype.

Suport is always available at this elo because everyone wants to be the op ganker pro carry killer dude with 500/0/0, but support wins the game. If your score as support isnt 0/5/20 ish, you are playing it wrong. If it is, chances are you died saving a team mate, and have participated in enough successful team fights to have won the game. Successful team fights are made possible by well placed wards and CC on the supports part, so effectively you have won the game for your team.

AD carries a fight, support carries a game nuf said.

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1k elo is really a land of pub stomping though..If you get fed off the enemy, they will just rage and leave the game...

My advice is similar to Oran, if you can play something that snowball really well, the enemy will probably rage.

Example: Kass, Cass, Gragas, Shyvana, Tryndamere, Riven