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[Champion Feedback] Shaco, The Demon Jester

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The Mad Bear



So since the restart ive been playing Shaco exclusively, and I have to say i REALLY enjoy this char. The problem i see is just how OP he can be with a full rune page. With the way I build him, atk/ctit chance, and even game that we lose i can keep a 4 kd ratio.

I build him:

Philosophers Stone
Avarice Blade x2
Berserk Greaves
Infinity Edge
Phantom Dancer
Sell stone, buy frozen mallet in games over 40 min.

I have been able to farm up alot of creeps in every game ive been, and after level 6 its been an almost gank on demand if someone is at 75% hp (not tanks). Alot of times my exploding doppelganger will get the last hit under a turret. In team fights, he is very squishy, but I can ussualy get away with a sliver of health due to the stealth, doppleganger, or jack in the box.

With the jack you can have lane control as even if you play against teemo, he can have a hard time placing his shrooms as you can have jacks in the same place, and they alert you to him very well.

I find this char to be a very good assassin... the first real assassin in my eyes, as Ive done the following many times already:

Run into a fully deployed Heim's turret area , place down a jack, pop dopple, and invis, kill heim, and run out with a sliver of health. A couple times i may die, but ussualy i get away with it. Once or twice ive done it with his team mate being there as well. Mind you this was at level 18, with my infinity edge already farmed.

With a 55% crit damage page.... Shaco would be too op. as he would be critting in the 800s, BUT the only reason he would be op for that is because he can farm very easily and get near champions better than Tyr who crits harder, but has a tougher time doing the same thing.

Also he can kill a turret very well because he is able to drop a jack to take an extra hit, as well as doppleganger that can take 3-4 while doing a good amount of damage

Anyone else have some experience?

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Senior Member


Eh, while i think he does need some reworking, he is a decent solid character. Late game he becomes incredibly overpowered and I've seen him crit for 1400. Not an exaggeration. Something i would suggest is to lower his passive to possibly 10% or 15%, increase the cooldown on deceive, allow all CC's to hit the clone. Right now i don't think Alistar can headbutt him. Decrease the amount of time he remains stealthed after deceive from 5 to 3 seconds, as currently with a cooldown reduction he only has to stay out of stealth for 2 seconds.

These things i think would balance him out completely and actually make it a bit of a challenge to play him. Which, in my opinion, adds to the fun of a character.

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Senior Member


Read the forum there are already some threads about shaco.

And 1000+ crits in midgame are normal for him although just one hits due to his spell and not every hit but at least it is guaranteed.
In end game you can do even more.