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After playing 5 games with Vladimir

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I know I shouldn't be putting out an opinion on him so early.

But he's SO FUN TO PLAY. Even though he might not be as efficient as some champions that commonly are seen as upper Tier, he brings some new concepts to the table. While I do understand he can rely on the team at times, he is a thrill to play, and I think Riot did a great job at doing something original and that doesn't break the game for 2-3 weeks. Congrats on this champion guys! I even bought the Marquis skin for him!

On top of being fun to play, I almost don't see him on Normal Games right now! So don't expect a lot of mirror matches!

As I said earlier, Vladimir might not be the best champion in all situations, but he's definitely far from the worst. So if you have spare IP and want to try something new, I definitely recommending taking a spin at this Sparkly Vampire(TM, Sunfire Cape not included). Just remember that video games are also about fun, not just ranking(It's also about murdering people in a bloodthirsty fashion, YESSSSS!)

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I totally agree. I think hes very well balanced, but above all else, hes just fun to play. Hes kinda different to play from most other champions because of the constant need to spam Transfusion to refill his "mana pool".

Unfortunatly, I'm not having the same luck as you in not having to play other Vlads. Theres almost 1 in every game that I play where I too play Vlad. Thankfully, I have played him enough that I usually outclass every other Vlad I play against (not trying to gloat). I think after everyone farms 10 billion IP this weekend, alot of people will buy him, but very soon after he will be set aside by most people, and see alot less play. Good news for me.