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[League of Legends Story] Read and Comment?

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Lord Xerxes

Senior Member


Original post of an idea by Loliotaku somewhere on these forums. I always liked writing stories, or adding a lot of beef, and so I took this up after reading Loliotaku's text. My version is just a tad different, so read this edit and provide criticism if you wish, or just a small comment saying you enjoyed/hated xD

Questions? Comments. Remarks! Funny sayings :P Insults... All are welcomed (except maybe that last part )

Without further ado, here it is.


Darkness fell slowly upon the vast land of Summoner's Rift. Moon light mixed with the clear hue of snow illuminated the region and cast upon it an eerie glow. The sounds of the wind and the calls of creatures of the night occasionally pierced the serene setting. The full moon, bright in the sky, overpowered its surroundings as its light outshined its fellow heavenly bodies.

A small winter rabbit, common and native to the many forests of Valoran, poked its head out of a bush, its eyes darting from side to side before cautiously moving out. The diminutive animal took only a few steps into a nearby opening before lifting its head up and quickly smelling the environment around it, searching to avoid the numerous predators that would have gladly devoured it for nourishment. Seeming satisfied there was no danger present, the rabbit continued on its course.

The rabbit slowly headed towards the center of the opening where a solitary apple lay, still lush with the vibrancy of ripeness, despite the season's toll on its fellows. The rabbit crept on, and approached its meal. The rabbit inched closer to the alien object and sniffed it. The rabbit's whiskers had just rubbed on the apple's surface when all of a sudden there when a distinct snap broke the silence. Its innate senses kicking in, the rabbit turned to the face of the sharp report; its fears proved to hold true as an arrow zipped from an adjacent shrub, just narrowly missing its target. The shooter's failure was evident in the fleeing of the animal, darting away in the opposite direction of its aggressor.

Just before it reached the safety of concealment, when a second arrow, flew from the same area; its aim held true as it impaled the animal through its flank. The impact of the projectile pushed the rabbit to the roots of a giant tree, nestling the carcass in its encompassing grasp. The blood from the fatal wound began to trickle down into the snow, almost as if the land itself were mourning the loss of its inhabitant.

A short time passed as two hooded figures stalked out of the brush and approached the now-dead prey, the smaller one breaking stride to retrieve the blundered shot and bait. As she tripped over a stray object on the ground, the moon light illuminated her slightly opened cloak, exposing a small bow, the instrument glowing a crystal blue, as if imbued by magic. Her hair, the color of the snow about her, cascaded across the front of her face, covering lush lips and sharp eyes, with a tinge of regret in them.

Her companion, adorned in the similar garb as she, knelt upon the floor as she picked up the trophy and wrenched the arrow that had slain it, and proceeded to place the rabbit into a sack on her back.

The second figure spun around to face the former, and as the younger archer gazed into a face weathered by time, stated, "Child, why do you waver in your training? You shall not improve your aptitude with the bow if you do not place your emotions aside during a task".

The smaller figure, weighed down by regret and defiance, began to sulk as she replied, "Grandmother, killing living beings is not my calling. I wish not to take a life; ask me to shoot at targets, at stones, or even our neighbors, those who stare at me whilst I take my bath, but I implore you not to have me kill.

Her voice, weighed down by misery, began to trail off at the end of the sentence as her tears fell on the earth.

"Darling, Ashe, look at me".

As the child looked up at her grandmother, she sighed heavily as she used the edge of her robe to dry the tears from her small face as Ashe bowed her head once more. Upon completing the task, she laid a finger under Ashe's chin and lifted her face to look into her grandmother's eyes.

"Love, the blood of the Lady Avarosa runs through your veins; that in itself is already an honor. To put that potential to waste is a near crime, Little One."

Her grandmother looked out into the expanse of snow flecked trees as she continued, "One day you too shall become the Lady of Freijord. Just by being a relative of mine will inevitably drag you into conflicts, to my regret; one so innocent should not have to take this harsh burden, but look at your own mother. Take up the mantle of The Goddess of Freijord, learn to make decisions that go against your own beliefs, for the sake of your loved ones is at stake."

She turned to look at Ashe, the latter's eyes wide at the last statement.

"Me? Goddess of Freijord?!"

Her grandmother smiled softly as she spoke, "And why not, my dear? Why do you express such surprise, when your mother is the current holder of that title, and your own grandmother once held that same title as well!" (Ashe's small back straightened in pride at this, showing her unconcealed pride at her family's stature) "You must learn to fight, and protect the weak, the downtrodden, the poor. We of the Avarosan line do not take the title just for sport or heritage - we in our own right train and fight for years on end to prove ourselves and claim this position. And it is all for the benefit of those underneath us. Do you think you can do this?"

Her eyes shining with renewed determination, Ashe exclaimed eagerly, "For those weaker than me, grandmother, yes! I can!".

Her grandmother smiled widely, almost a full grin, extremely rare for the once mighty archer. She walked to the highest hill, adjacent to their position, and offered Ashe her hand, and as her young charge grasped it, she went on, "Well then, I guess it's time to start! Let's continue, and hunt something in the way of our vile neighbors, and give it to Cook to serve for us tomorrow early morning, shall we? Run along now, I'll catch up!"

Giggling as she skipped on the snow into the depths of the forest, Ashe shouldered her bow and readied an arrow, excited for the prospects to come after training.

Her grandmother watched the youngest descendant of Avarosa disappear into the woods, contemplating for a while longer, knowing she could find her with the use of a few well-placed Hawk Shots (she filed a note in the back of her mind, reminding herself to began Ashe's teachings of the magic arts of the Freijord Goddesses, beginning with the Hawk Shot). Having finished the filing, she turned to face the moon, which seemed to be the only object in the sky, watching over its younger beings below it, just as the Goddesses had done in the past, and would in the future.

"She can do it", Ashe's grandmother whispered softly, "Or else the Noxian forces due to arrive in a matter of a few short years will raze the land mindlessly, slaughter the innocent, and I will be of no use then, considering my condition now. And beyond all that, she'd be the laughingstock of the Institute of War if she hasn't mastered her abilities by that time".

Smirking at the irony of the last statement, knowing that her young granddaughter was a prodigy even amongst prodigies, she shot a massive arrow towards the face of the moon.

"To those fallen for good in the midst of bloody conflicts, endless battles, and undying feuds between families of power."

She shot another, watching as it flew above the woods, high into the air.

"To those sacrificed so that their fellows could live on to die another day."

Expending the last of her mana in her body, she shot one last Enchanted Crystal Arrow, and it soared quicker than all the rest, crashing through its earlier released brothers and shattering them, scattering small remnants of the widely feared signature attack of the rulers of Freijord all about.

"But most of all, to the promise of peace in the future".

(Credits to Me, Lord Xerxes, for this writing)

But yes, good stuff. Thank you all for viewing and commenting, and sorry if it bored you or felt tiring to read at times.

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Lord Xerxes

Senior Member


I was kind of thinking of doing something like this on Cho'Gath even before Loliotaku's story, just for an insight into the void, but perhaps I could get some help with this one first? ^^

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Blah For taking the beginning of my story and writing it 10x better.
But its cool cause you took it another direction than what I'm planning to do..

Its a good short story, the way its laid out is very interesting. +1