Twitch really needs work

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Ever since twitch's ultimate "Spray and Pray" (which should now be called ultimate spray) his ult is now way to accurate that it just destroys entire teams without much effort. I really do believe this hero needs to be looked at and nerfed or at least tweaked somewhere in between the old twitch and the new twitch.

On a side note if the stealth heroes wont be worked then there needs to be a slot for pots or just make them auto add to your champ instead of having to take up a slot because you have to give up a item end game to even be able to use the items to see rogue class champs aka stealth.

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On a different note, should a potion slot (or 2) not seem feasible for the coders, a more Dotaesque approach could be taken, aka. 1. drop item, 2. buy elixir, 3. pick up item. As with Dota rules, attaching a 'this item does not belong to you' tag to said dropped items.

I do have to agree with the "Spray and Pray" comment though, since the only way I have found to avoid this skill is hope that there's no one around so I can hope to run in circles, especially if I'm not strong enough to get away.