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Under the Underneathean's poetry corner of awesome

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Ms Managed

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Hello summoners! Because I think there is a less-than-appropriate amount of poetry about league of legends (the appropriate amount would be all of it) I have decided to attempt to write some capturing the amazing of LoL. And then I sat there for a while until I realized having my poetry just sit around being a lazy freeloader in my house was stupid. So I made this thread to put them to work in. More will come (unless you don't want more, in which case I'll go sit in a corner and cry.....then prob post more anyway).


A Love Poem to Top-Lane Shyvana:

Your the other half of my dragon
My love for you will never burnout
And I know you don't like bragin
But your lane is like the mafia, you never get out

And when you descend
The enemy team all runs for cover
They know its their end
Because the can't deal with you, my lover

You don't burn mana or energy
And if I run heal on you you don't need sustain
It looks like your opponent has a dragon allergy
Cause everytime I play you you beat them in lane

They all feel the burn
When you use your flame breath AOE
And if the tables turn
I'll buy you a GA, you can count on me

Because I love the way
You tank so hard in a 5v1
And I must say
Your magic damage is hotter than the sun

So I hope when I play ranked I can pick you
Then in the top lane I'll wreck with you
Every noob runs in fear of you
The fires of ELO hell have nothing on you