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Redesign Heimerdinger

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Heimerdinger is a horrible hero. Either he is totally overpowered and turtlecrawls the entire lane into the enemy base or he is worthless if the other team has an aoe hero. So something should be changed. My suggestion would be to change the turrets into a single artillery turret that he can put down anywhere on the map and has the following characteristics

-fires an artillery shell that does aoe damage every 1.5 seconds at a random enemy position within the field of view of Heimerdinger.

-The farther away the turret is from the enemy the longer the shell needs to travel so moving heroes can outskill the turret fire by moving but it would still be useful for creeping.

-The damage of the shell decreases with the distance to the target so heimerdinger is encouraged to place his turret closer to the action to decrease travel time and increase damage of the shots.

-The turret should be vulnerable so hiding it would be crucial to success. If discovered it should go down fast. Has 20-30 seconds cooldown to avoid spamming it. Loosing the artillery should put heimerdinger at a huge disadvantage.

Then increase damage of his microrockets and give him a new useful ult like increased artillery firing speed and damage for a few seconds.
With this changes i think Heimerdinger would be much more mobile, can be outskilled by good players and isnĀ“t worthless against aoe heroes. And someone playing him would need to have some skill instead of setting up a turret farm in the bushes and wasting entire teams while watching TV.