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Should Wukong be buffed again by riot?

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I've played Wukong a lot.

I'm starting to think that Poppy might actually be better overall.

They both don't have the greatest early games.
However, imo only thing he really has over her is farming potential.

Otherwise, she has a better Q and W, better passive, better damage, better ult, faster movement speed (so easy to escape ganks with Poppy), better late game.

If you rank W first on Poppy, with the right runes harass doesn't even exist lol.
Can't say the same for Wukong, since his Decoy has such a long CD starting out... and engaging with him can be tough if Decoy and his Ult are on CD.

That said, I think Wukong is balanced.
Has just as many strengths as weaknesses, and is quite versatile. He can pretty much go in any lane... even jungle if you're up for it.

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Sam Is Whoa

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love how you say tanky dps destroys him. He is himself tanky dps. His ability to harass with his combo is very good and his ult can ruin team fights.

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Dragon Loong:
Man, i totally agree with u!
Everytime i just play him as a tank, but not Tanky dps.
Atma's Impaler+Frozen Mallet+Warmog's Armor+Mercury's Treads
That is my whole set.
I think one of the most important make Wukong get beat by some popular cham is Mana.
Think about Gp's Q. Irelia's Q. And Riven.
In order to hit other cham and with out being hit, Wukong need E+Q+W.
Spend much mana, and longer CD.
Also, compare to Cho'Gath, Garen, Tryndamere those chams, no Health Regen Abilities makes Wukong can stay in line for a long time.
No mana, low health many problem push wukong back to the base more than othe solo top champs.
So, I think Wukong is a good team fighter but no a perfect solo top.

THats a tanky dps build not a tank build lol

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Wukongs a melee poker early game. Most people will try to trade with powerful toplaners and complain when they lose. You just poke and get your farm, at lvl 6 anyone at half health is a free kill with your ult and ignite. Late game wukongs team fighting potential tops all other bruisers. Play like an assasin and tank like a bruiser when you need to.