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Shaco appreciation thread

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Current favorite champ to play as. Awesome design. Ultimate needs to be more controllable, though that's the only significant complaint that comes to mind.

Well, that and the chance to miss on his poison feels like it's a decimal too low (3% as opposed to 30%), but maybe I'm just incredibly unlucky?

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He is evil in the flesh. I vote for HP buff on him, lol.

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He is evil in the flesh. I vote for HP buff on him, lol.

i find slowly working towards frozen mallet solves the hp issues a bit, its usually my second t3 item after infinity edge

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I Appreciate Shaco and all of his glory, I found a build that works perfectly for early game and have never gotten a negative score or more then 3 deaths since then (unless the game got dragged out). Happy Shacoing.

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A good Shaco is terribly annoying to play against, that's for sure.

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Copy and Paste from the other thread. I'll probably turn this into a guide if I ever get some free time. Or someone else can and just give me credit.

Shaco is great. He's absoutely balanced, horrible in bad hands and deadly in good hands (that's balanced imo).

His Q is pretty strong (I'm surprised more people don't see how nasty his W is), but I think his good skills are made up by the fact that is Ultimate is kind of a joke. The only thing this is really good for is 1v1 situations when someone wants to stay there and slug it out with you, otherwise with the horrible AI pathing your illusion will probably never reach your target that's trying to run away.

Here's my build that I usually go 1x-0-x with. Sometimes I'll die a couple of times if I'm wreckless or if they have stunning/disabling (by the end of the game you'll be their number 1 priority)

Masteries- imp heal (at these levels who doesn't), crit chance, attack speed.

The item build:

To me, Shaco is all about cash, mid-to-end game is where you dominate. Because Shaco doesn't harass or otherwise kill creeps easily I decided to go with something to help his cash flow.

I start with the crit item that builds to avrice blade and 2 health pots.

Ill post the build then explain why.

Crit gloves + 2 hp pots
Avrice blade x 2
Berserk Boots
Infinity Edge
Mana Gem (the prereq for Sheen)
Last Whisper if there's tanks
Finish Sheen

Then you can start selling Avrice, i"ll sell the first and get a warmogs/banshees
The second I'll sell and get Phantoms if it ever gets that far (need to keep your crit up).


Avrice blades provide much needed crit. The lack of rune pages hurts a lot with crit chance. I find that I would get Infinitys Edge but I wouldn't be critting enough to make use of it.

The +8% crit really helps out in getting last hit kills and harassing other players (Deceive + reg crit will send most people packing). But again, be defensive and only be offensive if you have a squishy target, someone being idiotic, or you are laning with a strong partner.

Depending on how the game is going I'll wait till I can buy 2 avrice blades (350 to complete your current one, another 750 to get a second)

That's why I like the avrice blades, they help in getting killing blows on units early on, the provide cash over time (which is very useful to someone who can't always be in the lane getting kills). AND Mid-to-late game it fills in that crit chance % so you can focus on other things like armor penetration or survivability.

I'm toying around with how soon to get Sheen, but I find that rushing Infinity Edge, after that, with the crit chance I have from the 2 avrice blades, I can really start taking people down at this point.

The skill build

I can't remember all the levels atm, but the way I do it is get Deceive maxed out first and fore most, if not for the dmg multiplier then defintiely for the redeuced mana cost.

I only put 1 point in Two-Shiv at level two, then hold off on it. At level 3 I go back to deceive and switch off between deceive and fear-box. I often skip out on hallucinate at lvl 6 and keep pumping box and deceive.

Somewhere along that way I'll put a point in hallucinate (1 point is really all you need, I personally don't like this skill too much but others might)

So pretty much I max out deceive, jack-in-the-box, shiv, then hallucinate.

In practice, get used to setting up your jack-in-the-box. This is such a trump card. People think it's the teleporting, but I personally thin it's the aoe fear bombs. When you're going out to gank someone make sure you drop the box in the way they will be exiting. The range on it is nice and you will easily be able to corner someone.

Don't try to drop the jack when someone is running away, there's a 2 second delay and the box won't hit him more often than not.

Use the box defensively, always have a box a little bit behind you, this way if you get rushed by a few people you can teleport back there and run, theyw ill try to chase you into the box where you will be smooth sailing after that.

Use boxes to help people get away from mobs

Also this helps for characters like Katarina and such (will instantly break Death Lotus, can Fear Yi through Highlander)

About hallucinate. I don't really like it much. I find that early-to-mid-game I usually just use him as a tank for stuff like the dragon, golem, or lizard. Also, use the jack in the box as a tank for creeps as well, it's quite effective.

Reemmber your character does the most damage from behind. The idea is to make people flee from you so you can really dish out the pain.

With creeps this means setting up your jack-in-the-box opposite the side you're standing on. The box will tank a few hits from creeps. You can do the dragon solo pretty early on as well if you time the box and clone to tank for you and you position shaco on the other side of the dragon to really dish out the damage.

A lot of it comes with playing the character. I'm going to probably write a guide (if I haven't already here lol), but Shaco is by far the most fun I've had on any char in this game. He's squishy, but his skills make him pretty viable in group and single fights, that's why I like him so much.

This is why I like this character so much. You have to be smart with him, player micromanagement with positioning behind enemies is fun too. It's not automatic like some of the other characters, but that's what sets him apart.

Try my build and tell me if you see Shaco differently after that.