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An old legacy (Jax's tale)

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Hey! I'm Kwatie, and this here is my first fanfic, and so I decided to do it on my favorite champ; Jax. Inspiration for the story came from his lore, when I decided to try and explore the elements of his mysterious recruitment.
Thanks for your time and please leave feedback if possible I love to write and all criticism is good criticism


It was a cold night in the City-state of Demacia. Reginald Ashram; the previous High Councilor of the Institute of War but then only a High-ranking Summoner, was taking a lonely night walk in the back streets, looking for any potential candidates to a little project of his. What this project was, one could not be sure of, however it seemed he required a caste of men on the lower rung of society.

This is what brought him to tavern that night
This is what allowed him to meet a rather extraordinary character.

As he slid past the door frame of the rather dilapidated tavern, Reginald took a quick glance at his surroundings, making measure of the rooms few occupants: A rather portly bartender with skin that resembled leather, some rowdy thugs who clearly had a little too much grog that night, and one rather peculiar man sitting in the darkest corner of the room, having a quiet drink with himself whilst observing the room with condescending ambivalence. Having quickly decided that the taverns current customers posed little threat to him, Reginald made a quick advance to the counter, ordering a small drink.

When the barman returned to Reginald with his drink, he reached for his purse and proceeded to pay him, when he subconsciously noticed that the group of thugs near him had gone silent. Quietly, he payed the man and took his drink to a table, hoping that they would leave him be. He was wrong, sadly. Though his back was turned and his hood tight over his head, he heard little snippets of their whisperings;
"Ain't he that big ol' summoner bloke?"
"-fat purse on 'im, tha's fer sure-"
"-ittle trip out-back, eh?"

Reginald quickly downed the last of his brew and stood to make a fast exit, but alas, was interrupted before he had even left his table.
"Oi! You ther', mister in the 'ood! Could you be a sweet'eart and come 'ere for a sec?"

Reginald turned silently and faced the bad-grammared thug, and spoke with steely conviction,
"If you are planning what I think you are, then I advise you that it would not be ideal for your future health to continue with such"

A moment of silence from the thug,


He seemed to think hard for a few moments before scratching his ear and ordered his posse to grab him. Reginald turned to run but found the exit blocked by yet more thugs. He was trapped and he knew it. He turned back to the bar, but the look on the barman's face told him that there would be no help from that quarter. The thugs must've given him a share for every mugging. Reginald spied back into the dark corner, but the stranger was nowhere to be seen. To be expected, he thought, no way he could have fought off these many men anyway. Reginald composed himself and faced the leader of the group,

"I will come without a fight. Lead the way, sir,"

He spoke in solemn tones, as he began to slowly walk towards the thug, hands in visible positions, so that his chances of having an early expiry were kept to a minimum. The thug smiled, his rotten teeth all to showing,

"Good thinkin' there mate, now come 'ere and follow me out back, got me a few question's I'd like to ask ye'"

"Of course, sir. Lead the way"

The thug, seemingly confused at Reginald's manners, scowled and turned to a small, inconspicuous door near the counter and started to head through it. Reginald, given no choice, followed him through, tailed by three more thugs.

The night air had a chilly bite to it, and Reginald went to wrap his cloak tighter around him, until he received a painful stabbing pain in his back. He turned to see one of the thugs holding a knife to his spine.

"We know 'hoo you are, so ye' make one little move, an' I'll make ye mincemeat, got it?"

Reginald turned back to the leader, who now also had a knife in one hand, other reaching out, upturned in the universal language of "Give it to me now." Reginald slowly lowers one hand to his purse and begins to untie it from his belt, when the alleyway rang with a hoarse voice,

"Come on, this is hardly fair, why not pick one someone who can fight back?"

Everyone froze and turned to the end of the alley. There, resting in a wooden staff about his height, was the cloaked figure. Now in some light, Reginald could measure him up a bit more than before. He was of average height, and his build was undefinable, as his entire body had been covered in a large, loose fitting cloak. His features were obscured by what almost looked like a war-mask with 7 eyes.

"Yeah, you heard me. Leave that old man be, take me instead! I'll even make it easy, no sword or nothing, just my staff!"

With this, he brandished his staff, then twirled it and held it in an offensive stance, clearly of martial origins. The thugs looked at each other for a moment, then one shrugged, clearly thinking this merely meant more gold, then charged at the stranger. This is when the cloaked figure truly began to shine. At first he merely took the slashes, not truly getting hurt or even cut, he was simply riding the attack. When he saw the opponent began to slow and tire, he took his opportunity, and released an onslaught on the thugs head, bludgeoning his wits out, until the thug slumped to the floor, lifeless. At this moment, 2 other thugs decided to attack him at once, deciding to out-do the stranger with numbers. When they began their viscous attack on him, he laughed and began to dodge all the attacks swiftly and skillfully, as if child's play for him. After a few moments of acting as a ghost for the thugs, he suddenly swung his staff which collided with both thugs skulls, stunning them both for a few moments. It was long enough for the stranger to finish them both off with incredible speed and precision. When 3 dead thugs lay on the floor, the stranger looked at Reginald and then the final thug. The thug took a look at his lifeless companions, and then turned and ran for his life. The stranger chuckled and leaped high into the air, weapon imbued with magical energy, and landed on the thug, skull caving in, dying in an instant.

"That..was incredible. Where did one learn to do such things?"

Reginald was in awe. The stranger turned back to him, and in an even voice not even out of breath said

"When you're as old as me, you learn a few things. You alright, old man? I saw those thugs go quiet when you got your beer, and figured they'd be in for trouble, so I got myself prepared."

"yes, I'm quite fine thank you. And I'm no old man, mind you. I am Reginald Ashram, senior ranking Summoner and esteemed diplomat of Valoran. Who are you, might I ask?"

"Haha, I like you. Names Jax, at your service. I think you owe me a drink too, for this. Why not use your fancy magic or power to get us a round on the house eh?"

"Hmm yes well, I suppose I should pay you for your heroic efforts. Tell me Mr. er..Jax, are you some sort of knight or a warrior? You have skills of the sort that would take decades of intense training."

"Ah, a man of wit I see. No, I am nothing of the sort, I'm just another sword-for-hire. Or axe. Or staff. Any weapon really, you name it, I can use it. My little specialty"

"A mercenary? Surely you used to do some sort of noble profession in the past?"

"Not quite. I guess my most noble days were back in the Gladiatorial ring. I don't think I'll even be a merc for much longer. Too boring. Might just retire, and master my favorite hobby; fishing. Perhaps I'll join one of the monasteries in the mountains. Seek tranquility in technique. Who knows? Now, let's get those drinks?"

"Of course. Lead the way, Jax"

That night, Reginald and Jax became friends. A curious friendship, as neither would openly claim friendship with the other, however, Reginald had learned that Jax was looking for a genuine fight, and had experience and technique like no other fighter he had ever met. This fit perfectly into his original plan, and at this point, he may soon be able to execute it.


Thanks for reading! Remember, leave any criticism or comments, I'm always looking for ways to improve. Praise or hate, either one is good

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It is a good story, kinda cheesy but I did enjoy reading it ^_^