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Lack of Normal Draft Pick

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It's been over a month.

Still no normal draft mode for 3v3.

Still no official acknowledgement in any threads about normal draft 3v3.

Seriously, you guys at Riot completely skipped over 3v3 when you gave ALL other maps (Dominion and 5v5) normal draft. Why did you guys skip over this? Why did you guys CHOOSE to not put it on 3v3 as well? or have you guys completely forgotten about 3v3 at your offices? I'd love to get back into LoL, but I find it hard. I'm bored of 5v5. I'm bored of Dominion. And 3v3 is boring without draft mode as everyone picks from the same pool of about 10 champions. Please, for the love of everything good about this game that is left, put normal draft mode in 3v3. Who knows, it may just save 3v3 from being even further forgotten about by the community. The continued disregard for the maps in this game and variety in gameplay (don't even get me started on the new champions and their skills) is only driving me to other MOBA's. Soon enough, if things don't change, if we don't get more maps and game modes/types, it won't just be an isolated incident. We need a new 5v5, 3v3, and Dominion map. We need an official ARAM/ADAM game type. And most importantly, we need all maps to be treated with the same respect. If you're going to give normal draft for one, give it to all.

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Think about it this way: Even Dominion has Draft Pick. Riot, you should be ashamed.