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Date Manamune

Senior Member


Long ago, when the world was young, there was a werewolf named Warwick. He was the coolest guy ever, and everyone loved him except for a stupid purple goat no one likes very much at all. However, after totally making this stupid manatee champ rage-quit forever, Warwick due to how intelligent he was, managed to break free through a SUMMONER'S LOOP -- leaving a duplicate of himself for the young summoners of the world to summon to battle.

Realizing how enlightened he had became, he donned a mage's hat, robes, and began to study the conduit. Soon, he was a mighty mage, entering the battles of the League under the command of Summoner Haelstrom. And for over a year, he destroyed many champions, crushing one meta after another with his magical claws.

.. until.

Morello: WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH. WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH. So.. Warwick is just sort of this immovable object from lane, you know, and we want to nerf that.. pretty hard, while allocating some of that strength back towards his jungle and get him where we want him to be as an alright laner? But a much stronger and uh, more attractive jungler option. [Nods.]

"NOOOOOOOOO" Magewick shouted in horror as Morello began dousing him with one, two, four, six, TEN Summoner Ignites -- all stacking! Magewick practically melted as Morello in his pink leotard spinning his magical [Nerf Wand] giggled maniacally, prancing around and around with a gleeful smile on his face. Champions can only build one way! One! Or they were anti-fun!


Just as the last tic was going to send Magewick into oblivion.. a massive purple shield surrounded Magewick's body, completely saving him. Morello frowned. At once, a ninja appeared out of thin air, standing guard between the felled magical werewolf and Morello.

"..leave Magewick alone." Shen stated plainly, arms crossed with resolute strength.

"Oh, Shen..? Someone's getting uppity now that they've been buffed, maybe a hotfix nerf is in order.." Morello warned ominously, raising his [Nerf Wand] with the intent of sin.

"I said, LEAVE MAGEWICK ALONE!" Shen's ninja voice boomed, grabbing the werewolf and Shadow Dashing through a thicket of woods. Morello, losing sight of them, angrily began stomping the ground and raising his eyebrows with fury, before turning about face and swiftly nerfing Irelia's base armor by 5 for Shen's impudence.

"... one day, Magewick." Morello mused in a voice that would frighten the dead into life, looking to the sky with wicked intent. "..one day.."


"Shen.." Magewick bubbled in the [PHILOSOPHER STONE RECOVERY TANK], eying the ninja through the blue gel tank. "Beware Shen.. beware the Morello sin!"

"... hmph." Mage Shen retorted, adjusting a wizard's cap on his head as he stroked his beard and mustache.

"AP alone cannot defeat Morello." Magewick instructed with a fierce glare. "You must learn the way of the Deathcap. Like causing damage over time on Swain, this wizard's hat will cause DoTs within your flesh!"

Shen's eyes narrowed.

(Prologue - Complete) (Next - Saga I: Meta Addicts)