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The League of heroes: Chapter 10: Nickolai Returns

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First, let me say being a writer is not easy at all. First I wrote some of this story till a major event. Then my computer decided to shut down and now I am writing not the hilarious misadventure of Graves but a serious story.
Disclaimer: Aine and Nickolai belong to Jaykoboy. Graves belongs to Riot Games.
Deimus belongs to me.

Chapter 10: Nickolai returns

Deimus's P.O.V
That is the only word that can explain the situation I am in.
Hiding behind a crate from a creature of immense power in a thunderstorm with nothing but a black gun with only one bullet was not how I wanted to start my day.
The smell of the rain enters my nose as I hear foot steps coming towards me.

"Come out, come out wherever you are" Said a menacing, double voice.
Shoot if he finds me I.....
The crate then suddenly explodes. Splinters flying around, most cutting through my bare chest, but they didn't have any effect.

"Found you" Said the messed haired teen. His Gauntlets glowing crimson red with extreme power.
****. I scramble to my feet and point my gun at him.
He laughs.

"You think THAT is going to stop me"
"No" I said. "But it is going to buy me some time"
His face had a puzzled expression.

"Heads up" I raise my gun.
After firing my (LAZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) gun, a crate filled with gun powder exploded, distracting Nickolai.
Now is my chance.
I have to get far away from him as possible and try to figure out how in blazes am I going to kill this guy.
But I then remember Aine.
No, she is safe, there is no way Nickolai will ever find her.
But Graves....
Shoot, forgot he is Immortal.

Now to think fast before he gets to me.
But how can you defeat a guy who you just killed and then he came back with 10 times his power........
That's it.
He must be using some kind of object or something to make himself stronger.
But he has nothing on him except his......
I stop in my tracks and turn around.

Suddenly, he appears in a red, puff of smoke.

"What, surrender so soon? We were just getting to the fun part were I crush your skull with my Gauntlets" He said, with malicious intent in his eyes.

His face then becomes confused.

"How what?"
"How did you increase your power?"
He raises an eyebrow for a second, then grins evilly. He chuckles, but the chuckle is then turned into a spine chilling laugh.

"Oh you crack me up some times"
He goes through his leather jackets pocket and pulls out a strange object.
But to my horror do I realize what is he holding in his hand.
The totem he now holds in his palm was the one that belonged to my master.
No. I hid that in the most coldest of places in Noxus.

"Surprised, eh?"
The ***** doesn't know what going to happen now.
The totem gives power to its holder, Converting any type of magic into Arcane magic, increasing their power by tens of times for every fragment of magic that is held within.

A sudden surge then rushes through me, like thousand of needles were striking through my back.
Nickolai then started to float.

"This is it, Deimus. You thought you could rob me of my power. Now" The totem starts to glow. "Vengeance is at hand"
Nickolai is to distracted from his ego that he failed to see the metamorphosis I am going through.
Shoot, my Arcane hunger was kicking in.
Tattoos blossom from my hands, moving up to my shoulders till they covered my whole chest. Each fragment releasing a sphere of dark energy.

"Nickolai! Stop!"
He looks down at me.

"You just cant stand the fact that I am now going to kill you"
"No! You don't get it!"
"Oh don't take it personal Deimus. Its just business"
"Oh you haven't heard?"
He rises even more.
"The League of legends has put a bounty on you for killing Mundo"
Ok, Now I was mad.
My voice was cold by now, so was my body.
Nickolai looks at me as the totem was almost done giving him all its power.
"End of the line, Deimus."
"It is. For You"

Before he could say anything, my Arcane hunger settled in, and Ive lunged at him.
He scream's in agony as his guts splatter across the planks of the port.
"Why you little....."
But he has no time to react because I have already taken the totem.
"Now behold, the true power of the totem"
The totem glows. Nickolai's energy's are fading back to their original self. Darkness is closing in on us both.
Its time to use the last thing my master taught me.
I float in the air, the totem's energy's being drawn out to me.

Remember Deimus. We all are part of the universe. We all are a fragment of it. We all also have the power to bring out the thing that created all existence. The.....

A flash of white light. And then darkness consumes me.

And that brings us to the end of chapter 10! Also, I have very important news to tell. And please do not hesitate to ask me any question on the prologue.

Prologue: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1677243

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Sorry I didn't comment earlier...my sister was hogging the computer. Curse you, addicting animes!