Wacom Users - Any Suggestions Please

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I am an active wacom user when playing League of Legends. I usually play ranked games, but I have experienced some issues with my input. I am using a wireless wacom intuos 4 tablet. I think the problem is that my character will sometimes auto follow my mouse when I don't want him to. I set hot keys so the top button on pen is right click to move, and the second button is MMB so i can scroll around the map. What I think is happening is that its inputting multiple right clicks which have been canceling abilities that I want to cast on an enemy. Same thing happens with wards. I have to frantically click to place a ward or use an ability. Another thing I noticed when using a wacom is when the game starts or finishes it has a tendency to scroll the screen to a far out corner of the map. Anyways I would like to know if other wacom users are having the same problem. I just find this game much more fun and responsive when i use a wacom over a mouse. Thanks for reading.