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Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the first monthly Dodge-ball tournament hosted by the one and only Institute of War. Today's match will be a five on five match in the newly created stadium.

The Rules: Each player will start at the back wall of their teams half of the arena. On the whistle blow both teams will charge to try and obtain as many dodge-balls as possible, before returning to their wall. Once a player has reached the back wall the second time they may begin their assault. Champion abilities will be available, however they will do no damage.

Players are not aloud to cross the middle line. Any player caught doing so will be disqualified and forced to sit out.

Catching a ball results in the thrower to be placed on the bench, while the player who caught the ball may bring the first champion to be out back onto the field.

Todays Match: Garen, Veigar, Morgana, Lux, and Trundle, versus Vayne, Anivia, Janna, Miss Fortune, and Jax.

The champions stood on their opposing walls, ready to begin their battle. Left to right they attempted to line up in any way they could in hopes they'd beat the player across from them to the middle line. Janna's winds embraced her team and they felt their ability to move hasten, easily able to get to the middle line. At least they hoped.

Veigar stood in his position squirming, knowing he wouldn't be able to make it to the middle line before any of the opposing team. However his strengths lied in his ability to control the enemy team. He continued to squirm, anxious to begin.

On three...two...one...BEGIN!

Both teams raced towards the middle and just as Lux was about to receive the first dodge-ball from the arena, a giant ice wall formed before her, blocking her path. Anivia floated several inches off the ground, her wings raised high from the summoning of the wall. Janna and Miss Fortune each picked up a ball, as Garen and Trundle picked up another. Turning to his left Trundle raised a pillar of filth, blocking the path of Jax, and allowing Veigar to waddle to the middle and pick up the final rubber sphere, as both teams retreated to their walls. Now the game got interesting...

Jax nodded to Miss Fortune as Janna passed him the ball. Their goal would be to try and take out Veigar before he became a threat. Jax began to rush forward and Trundle popped his ball into the air, and smashed it with his club, sending it speeding at Jax, who leaped out of the way to Anivia, throwing his downwards midair.

Lux fired her Light Binding at the ball, freezing it in the air. Taking two light steps forward Lux extended her hands out, and caught the ball. Jax was out, and he headed toward the bench.

Miss Fortune was already on her way though, as she abused her ability to strut, with Janna's tailwind, giving her a great deal of momentum as she fired the ball towards Lux. Reacting fast, Lux raised her dodgeball to block the shot, and the force of the ball knocked hers away. Garen attempted to dive forward and catch what he thought was the deflected ball, only to be bashed in the face from a ball that seemed to appear from Lux. The Lady of Luminosity's original ball bounced harmlessly away as Garen skidded across the floor from Miss Fortune's Double Shot, and he picked himself up groaning about how recent buffs.

Janna picked up the ball that had previously missed Jax, and was looking for someone to pass it to as Veigar picked up Lux's original ball. He looked down at it and it seemed to disappear into a black hole. As Janna passed her ball to Vayne, a ringing could be heard, and as Janna looked up, a dodge-ball came rocketing from the ceiling, smashing her into the floor hard. The ball nestled itself in her stomach as the wind (Ironically) was knocked out of her, but she wrapped her arms around it and lay there, catching the ball. Veigar began to fume as shackles carried him off the field as he spouted profanities.

As she stood up a prison of light wrapped around her and Lux twirled her baton infront of her, as she blasted a dodgeball towards Janna. Before impact however, Jax leapt in and spun his weapon around, and smacking the ball away. Janna sighed with relief and smiled at Jax, but he was suddenly being dragged back to the bench after being on the field for such a short time.

Weapons and armor of Champions qualify as part of the individual. Hitting away a ball still counts as having made contact with the Champion, and therefore Jax is qualified as out by Lux a second time.

Vayne was distracted as she tumbled forward to try and prevent the ball Jax had deflected from rolling into a bush that appeared on the field. Somewhere in the distance, as she collapsed on the ground, she could hear 'DEMACIA!!!!' from the bush that had pelted her only moments before. Both her dodgeball, the one that hit her, and the one that had been in Garen's possession rolled away.

Janna and Miss Fortune looked at each other as Anivia flapped frantically. It hadn't occurred to her she needed hands to play in the match, so she most she could do was support her team.

Temporary recess, all champions take a break at the bench. The match will resume in a few moments once Veigar has stopped destroying the arena.

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I'm a little confused by which ball is which but I don't figure that matters. But other than that, this is great. I can't wait for more!

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Giant red rubber balls flying all over the place! Augh!

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Anivia's ult should make a whirpool effect for the balls.

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