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I could use some help.

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A blank piece of paper always scares me too, but the way I get over it is usually thinking of pictures of what I'm going to write about. I picture it as a movie sort of thing and just go from there. After my 'movie' is pretty much placed in my head, I just put it in words on the page.

Hope that helps at least a little bit

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The Bossa:
I desperately want to write. I've had fanfiction ideas swimming in my head for several months now, and I want to do something about it. But every time I summon the courage to open my notebook and try, I'm intimidated by the blank page in front of me. For no apparent reason I'm discouraged, and I have no idea how to overcome it. My question is, has anyone else experienced this nonsense? How do you overcome something like this?

The intimidation is something that a lot of writers have to deal with then they try to fill the page, and there are a lot of different ways that people deal with it. Every author is different, so the "cure" isn't the same for everyone. Things to help get over it could include: writing what you can clearly see/WANT to write at this very moment and taking care of the rest later(you can always string it together properly in the next draft); clearly defining your character's goals/motivations, and what they are going to do to remove whatever obstacle stands in their way; and fiddling with/planning plot elements. Mostly you just need to start somewhere and go, whether it be straight up writing the story or making important notes on what the characters will be doing and why. I tend to do both.

And speaking of LoL fan fiction, I've had a really "noisy" one clamoring around in my head demanding to be written for a while now. It's taken up around half of my current writing journal so far, and it's not even close to being fully recorded yet. x___x