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The Council


Often times people get Banshee's veil to help negate against heavy caster teams... I was thinking maybe a similar item for casters against heavy physical DPS teams.

Basically, I was thinking like a modified version of the Thornmail and Warden's Mail combined... like a High defense item which not only returns damage, but it should return damage based on a % of your total AP... This way it wouldn't really appeal to regular tanks because the returned damage would basically be so minor it'd be a waste of gold unless you had a decent amount of ability power. Instead of "slowing" the attacker's movement speed and attack speed, i'd suggest a 1 second stun or something not sure what the internal cool down should be...

This is just an idea, please give me legit feedback people


-High Armor
-Returns Damage based on % of AP
-proc'd mini stun

Basically an item for those longer games, wouldn't be an item you'd rush as a caster.

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Senior Member


Scaling the mini stun based on how high your AP is would help prevent it becoming a must take item for every character.

Something like .1 sec per 100 AP with a like 15% chance to proc.

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There was discussion a while ago about a potential item that would give players a damage absorb sheild that absorbed physical damage based on i think 50% of your AP, and refreshed every 30 seconds. not sure if its still being worked on, or if it got shelved, but would be a nice way for casters to add some survivability against physical dps