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The League of heroes: Chapter 9: The Fight

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Prologue link: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1677243&highlight=the+league+of+heroes

Hello summoners! This is Deimus144 with chapter 9 of my story THE LEAGUE OF HEROES! YAY! Enjoy!

Chapter 9: The Fight

Aine's P.O.V
Now I had to admit, the guy, who his partner calls Deimus, is cute. His hair style and his tall and strong body would make any girl anywhere go crazy.
Still, he was Noxian, and I am Demacian.
He sat in the chair next to me, happily asleep.
Good, now is my chance to take a closer look at this charming.

He has some good looks, for a Noxian. He is wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. Though, my attention was on his right eye that was cleverly concealed by his hair.
I get closer to his face and carefully move it aside.
I muffle my scream and take a deep breath.
His eye had a huge scar. Starting from the top of his eyebrow to the middle of his cheek.
I move back, only from my clumsiness to trip over a fell back.
His eyes shot open.
"****" Said I.
"So" He said, standing up. "Our little princess is awake"
"Yea so? I was awake all the time, just picking up info about you and your compliance you Noxian scum."
"I prefer you don't call me Noxian"
"Oh?" I stand up. "Why shouldn't I?"
"Because Noxus is not my home. Not anymore at least"
Info #3 about Deimus, he is an exile of Noxus.
"Really?" I say. "Prove it"
"If I were still Noxian, I would have just killed you and saved the trouble of keeping a hostage"
"Well maybe you would want to torture me for Info"
"If I did you would have been inside a cell 10 kilometers below the earth"
He has a point.
God am I so bad at talking people to admit they are guilty.
"In advance, why would a beautiful Demacian officer be here in Ionia?"
"Top secret mission, cant tell you pretty boy"
"Fine, then I suppose that you know that if you try to escape" He shows his Gauntlets, both having sharp claws at the end. "Then I will have to kill you"
"Oh really? Then I guess I must remind you that I have very powerful ears"
Deimus, at first, had a confused look on his face. But then it showed that I heard him when he closed the door.
"Yep, so ill just take my stuff and go on my way"
I pick up my sword, which was sheathed in its scabbard on the side of the bed, and was about to take off.
Deimus grabs my arm.
"I might not kill you, but I will hurt you if you try to escape"
I give of a smirk.
"Is that a challenge?"
Deimus smiles.
"You can say so"
"Whats the catch?"
"You win, ill set you free. You loss, you stay"
I give of a fleeting smile.
"Lets dance then"
He gave of a smile. Then attacked.
I have to admit though, he was more faster than before. If I didn't dodge his Gauntlet he would have sprayed my blood on the wall.
Taking out my sword from its scabbard, I swing violently at him. He dodges it and jumps back.
His gauntlet then started to turn red, summoning black energies from around us. The energies swirled like a spiral galaxy would. Then it turned solid, forming a disc of massive energy.
"Well that was unexpected"
"Ready for this one? Miss..."
"Just call me Aine"
'Then get ready Aine, cause this bad boy is coming!" He said as he threw his disc.
I roll to the side just in time to dodge it.
It stopped were I was before and stood there, motionless.
"Seriously? That is all you go..."
A sharp pain then throbbed through my head. It felt as if a hammer was pounding through my skull.
It then happened again. And it continued on for the next 5 seconds.
I put in enough strength to move to the other end of the room.
"Hurts doesn't it"
"Oh shut up. It ain't over until its over"
"But it is" He then gave of a grin, an evil one.
I never knew what was happening until a cold, skeletal hand grabbed my leg. I was scared as hell now.
My heart, however, raced even more when Deimus came closer to me. His undead minion holding my arms and legs.
"One more chance Aine. Surrender, or ill have to hurt you"
I spit at him.
"You ain't got the guts"

Deimus's P.O.V
She's right. I cant do this to her. Some felling is crawling under my skin, sending chills to my back. She was beautiful, even in the state I just put her in.
But I had to do this. I cant let her escape.
"Sorry Aine" I say, after grabbing her by the neck and forced her her back to the wall.
"But I have to do this"
I put my shukos(his gauntlets) on her forehead.
No. I cant.
"Your going to rake my face?"
"You forced me too"
My heart beat so fast I thought it was going to explode. Why, of all people, am I in this situation?
"Do it then"
My bewildered eyes look at her. Does she know she is asking for a scar that will never be treated?
I cant decide anymore.
I cant do this.
I put my shuko down and let her go.

Aine's P.O.V
He stood in front of me with my back at the wall.
I look at his eyes to see if he was serious.
"Your joking, right?"
He turns his back on me.
"You won. You now can leave"
"Why didn't you?"
He faces me.
"Because the thing that stooped me from ending this...."
"Ok I like you. There, happy?"
I could hardly speak. Is he telling the truth? Was what he said earlier true?

Deimus's P.O.V
"There, I said it"
"You....You actually like me?"
"Yes, even if I hardly know you, I do"
****, I thought to myself, she might as well not care about me and then joke with her colleagues about how easy it was to trick me and how she escaped.
But the next thing she did surprised me.
She kisses me on the lips.
"I like you too" she said with her sweat voice.
My surprised look then changed to a smile.
"How about we learn more about each other?"
She grabs my hand.
"Sounds good to me. But first get rid of that disc please"
I smile as I snap my fingers and the disc instantly vanished.
"How about I go first?" I ask.
She gives me a peck on the cheek.
"Sounds good to me"

Graves P.O.V
I swear if Deimus slept last night and the girl got away I'm going to leave him here to face the guards.
I decide to just open the door without knocking.
What I saw next was surprising.
On the chair lay Deimus, fast asleep, with the girl on him, also asleep.
At first I would have yelled and said that the girl was going to kill Deimus. But muffled it before it came out.
Guess I better leave these two love birds to themselves for now.
Grinning, I close the door quietly and get my shot gun, Destiny, out of its place.
Gotta go and get some food for us three.

[B]And that is all for now! Tune in next week for the most yet to come of Graves hilarious misadventures! Will he be able to get food for him and the newly formed couple? Or will he get 'puts on shades' Fried for breakfast?

Graves: Yo, I just finished the Death charger! Were is Deimus?

Deimus: Here, now lets take it for a drive.

Me: This should be interesting.

Aine: I hope Deimus doesn't get hurt.

Me: Dont worry Aine. Deimus was designed to be able to ride motorbikes with excellent style.
Se you all later!

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Nicely done. Almost as spontaneous as when I got Aine to fall in love with the main character of my book.

Turns out he was her ex-boyfriend who'd disappeared five years ago. Who would've thought?