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Rammus- An Ode in Rap Form

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Don't know 'exactly' where this could go, but it IS a fan creation, and I figured one or two would get a kick out of it. Seems long overdue, so if someone already beat me to it, I apologize in advance.

Actin' Derpy: An Ode to The Armordillo, and Other Short Rhymes
To the beat of 'Ridin' by Chamillionaire

Playas think they can see me lean
I'm chrome so it's easy to be seen
When you see me roll past, you see the sheen
And my shine on the front of your computer screen
Roll with a new heals, she like "Hold up"
Next to the Ball Curl is a Tabi and a full Warmog's Armor
Send a playa straight into a coma
Heals you aint know, I'm crazy like CandyCorn
Just tryin' to pwn ain't tryin' to have no babies
Spike clean itself so I pull in newbies
LoL's patrollin', you know they hate me
Warmogs stacked all the way up to the maximum
I can speak for some playas tryna stack for some
But I'm packin somethin' that I have and um, I'll have a playa shut down in maximum
ELO Hell, I'm efiin' stoked
Music loud and I'm rollin, go
Bobin' and weavin' to hit this bro
Yi pulls up from behind and I'm down his throat
Ult is up, can't stop this kill spree
Tactics change and playas like "What the hell is that fool doin'?"
This is Rammus and I'm out and cruisin'
Got bans in every ranked 'cept Dreamhack but I still ain't losin'

They see me rollin
I'm gankin'
Patrollin' and tryna' catch 'em
Actin' derpy

Tryna' catch 'em actin' derpy
Tryna' catch 'em actin' derpy
Tryna' catch 'em actin' derpy
Tryna' catch 'em actin' derpy

I'm Ballin' so hard
I'm tankin'
Steamrollin' and tryna' catch 'em
Actin' derpy

Tryna' catch 'em actin' derpy
Tryna' catch 'em actin' derpy
Tryna' catch 'em actin' derpy
Tryna' catch 'em actin' derpy


See my spiky shell comin' up the lane
Don't mess with me kids, cause dang I got game
This Armordillo beast just can't be tamed
Turn and run, stand and fight, man it's all the same

They see my score on their screen
I make them playas scream
Ya'll that afraid of 1v1,
Fine I'll take your whole dang team

I'll Flash over you creeps
Ain't got no flippin' DEEPS
Hope somethin' big happens soon
'Cause dog, I'm countin' sheep

Man, bring that gimpy beard on over here!
Think you're hot /BLEEP/ with your Spinning Slash?
I'm fidna stomp a mudhole into Dat Ashe

Pickin' bits of your Carry out of my teeth
Might as well leave that sword inside it's sheath
Ain't do nothin' but bust against my hide
Fidna take this game into overdrive

Come out that bush at Mach Five
Man watch me tower dive
3'000 miles-an-hour into yo' face, they'll be findin' bits of you all over the place

Got sick of watchin' ya'll die
Let's go One versus Five
Doesn't even matter how hard you try, Ult/Taunt/Curl; I'll eat yo' team alive

Out of the jungle I come
I'll beat you like a drum
"Like where in the hell did he come from!?" Gank, Tank, Spank and I'mma call ya scum

"Why ya'll ain't call MIA?"
"Scrubs, learn to flippin' play!"
Spend all game listnin' to your mid /BLEEP/
Cause I'm puttin' him face-down in a ditch

You can't take me ya'll know
I'm redifinin' pro
Can't interupt this crazy flow
Hit Anivia so hard I'mma make it snow
Twenty years too green to step to me
All I gotta do's sit still and wait
Master Yi? More like Master Bait

Now if only I were good enough to validate this mess. Eh, I figure a least a couple of you guys will get a kick out of it. I had to be done, and sorry again if anybody beat me to it.

~I Love Rammus~