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Doesn't get any better at 1600

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Pardon me if this is the wrong section, but it has come to my attention, whether it is at 1300 or 1600, the trolls trolling will ruin roughly the same amount of games. Why? even if we were to assume that there are less trolls in 1600s, the skill gap is so that even just 1 troll is detrimental to the entire game whereas in the lower ELOs, teams can still manage to do with 1 or 2 trolls and can also assume there will be at least 1 on the other team.

Yeah, you can take this as a rant or whatever, but It really bugs me that I've had to climb back from 1300s not once, but twice to 1600s and the first game after I'm in 1600s, we get a AD jungle Nunu, who happens to give first blood, double buff, then continue to go about the enemy jungle "counter jungling" or so he calls it and give 3 additional kills.

Then he goes on to say (This is after of course, he fed enemy miss fortune around 3 kills), that we've failed bot lane all on our own. (I was Sona at this time). I'm outraged that people completely oblivious to respecting one's own team can easily manage to troll in ranked, grab some high elo friend to dual queue, then climb back up, whereas not everyone can do so.