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The League of heroes: Chapter 8: Darkest Memory, New love.

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YO People whats up its me again and here is chapter 8! YAY!

Chapter 8: Darkest memory

Me and my sister, Rosaline, were orphans. We had no family, and we only had each other. Still, because of my sickness, the Arcane hunger, caused us some complications. However Rosaline made sure that no one except her knew about my condition, and she even put herself in danger for me time and time again.
Eventually, however, the high command found out about my sickness and tried to take me away and turn me into a weapon of extreme power. Thankfully, Rosaline was able to take us out of Noxus and she decided to take me to Demacia since it had a reputation of serving equal justice. She believed that we can live happily over there.
That was her mistake. She was captured when we reached the border because they believed she was a spy for Noxus. She was then tortured for information, and i was forced to watch. I begged them to stop, telling them she was not a spy, but they never believed me, they never even looked at me.
Then, after a month of being tortured, she was executed.

Opening my eyes, I see Rosaline. She was in bad shape. Blood, red as her hair, ran down her clothes, dripping on the ground. Her hands and feet were bound to chains and her face had a number of scars.
"Deimus" Her weak voice said again as she opened her eyes.
"Yes sister?"
"Deimus, remember how I forgot to get you a gift for your tenth birthday?"
"Yes, but I forgave you"
"I know, but I didn't really forget"
She then opens her hand, an amulet dropped from it into my lap.
"I saved it for later"
The amulet was black, but it had a white design of a spider on the jewel.
I was shocked.
"Sister, where did you get this?"
"That doesn't matter right now. What matters" she puts her hand on my head, even when the chains were filling it with pain.
"Is that now you can remember me with this. But promise me that you will not remember me like this. Remember me when I used to smile."
I hug her, never wanting to let go, never letting anyone get near her for evil purposes.
Suddenly, the cell opened. And a man, clad in golden Armour and holding a lance, looked at her.
"By my authority, I will end you noxian scum"
"NO!" I yell and then stand in front of my sister, holding my arms out.
"I wont let you!"
"Out of my way"
And then he hit me with his lance.
He comes closer to me, raising his lance, ready to end me.
Suddenly, a chain goes around his neck, and starts to choke him.
"You don't DARE touch him!" my sister sneered.
I see my sister, the chains bounding her were now at her will as she kept on killing the man.
The man then grabbed the chain and pulled my sister to him.
He threw her down at the ground with his right hand, and then grabbed a dagger that was at his side.
It was a horrific sight. My sisters throat was bleeding like hell. And the golden Armored man was standing over her, satisfied.
I run to my sisters side.
"D..Deimus, Promise me. Promise me, you will remember me....smiling"
Tears form and mix with the blood on my right eye.
"Don't die......."
The man then leaves, closing behind him the cell's door.

I was then transported back to Noxus, and then met my master at the orphanage, were he took me under his wing. From that day I have this Gothic hair cut to hide the scar that's on my right eye.

I look back at the girl. She looked a lot like my sister. Except she had brown hair and my sister had red.
I run my hand through her hair. God, she is so beautiful.
I lean down my head and kiss her on the lips.
That felt warm.
I then get up and leave, closing the door behind me.

Aine P.O.V
He kissed me.
That guy actually kissed me, and it felt very warm. But still, he did hurt me right?
But he did bring me back and heal my wounds, so he made up for it right?
But he is a Noxian, and I am Demacian.
But what would he want from Ionia? I mean they ended their conflict right? So he might be an exile like Riven right?
I guess ill have to keep this fake coma state until I get some more info on these two.
Wait, there talking.
I creep up at the door and listen to them as they talk.
"Deimus, what the hell were you thinking bringing her? For all we know she could kill us when we sleep."
"She wont Graves, ill keep an eye on her. You just get some shut eye in the extra room"
Footsteps are heard leaving, but stop abruptly.
"Deimus. Promise me one thing."
"If she tries to escape, stop her by any means necessary. Understood?"
"Does that include killing?"
"Yes, if necessary, kill her. This is for both our safety."
Steps then come closer to the door. I run to the bed and close my eyes.
The door is opened and Deimus closes it behind him.
"Sorry Graves" He says in a low voice.
"But I think I'm in love."
And I think so to, my prince.

And so the overly cheesy love story shenanigans begins!

Graves: Hey did you see Deimus or Aine?

Me: Nope, but I think I saw them go into that room.

Graves: ****! Now that they are making out I can never get Deimus to help me finish his motorcycle.

Me: Wait, you made him one? Whats its name?

Graves: Lets just call it 'The Death Charger'.

Me: Ok then say bye Graves.

Graves: Bye Graves.