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ranked system

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wtb unban

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TO start off, before my old acct got banned i was at about 1800 elo or so. i didnt really do muhc solo/duo queue on that account, as i had a steady 5man that played with. i just started playing ranked on my new acct that i made. also, everything said in this post has NOTHING to do with 5v5 ranked. this is strictly about solo queue.

Something needs to be done about how the solo queue works. At it's current state, its not even worth playing. There needs to be some coorelation between ur win/loss ratio in normal games and solo queue ranked. Because ive lost multiple games in a row due to (for example) an 0-9 sion solo top that ended a 50 minute game with 60 CS. That's absolutely rediculous, i get more CS than that as a support trying to NOT get cs. Not to mention the nature of sion...in this particular game i was 4-0 at one point, only getting kills from the morgana i was midding against. no ganks or anything. this was at about 15-17 minutes. At this same time, noone else on my team was positive and had between 3-5 deaths (excluding soraka). so obviously, noone

i think you should have to get to a certain "rating" in non ranked games to be able to queue ranked, so that you arent crippling decent player's ranked games with your scrubtastic tactics.


EDIT: i dont clame to be the best player in the world. dont think im trying to say im better than everyone else. everyone has bad games. but sion 0-9? come on....you have no business queueing ranked at that point

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It's a matter of math, and you can beat it by employing people you know.

Taking yourself with 4 random people, and thinking about what all those people could be in the interenet world is not giving yourself a great chance to succeed with alot of confidence.

Your going to fail a certain amount because 4 random people (you could get jesus, satan, Buddah and the goddess Eris, not one of them know how to play LOL (as far as I know) and yet they can end or create worlds on a whim))

Point being, be patient if it's you vs the world. Otherwise get some people you can play with where you won't be forced into LoL suicide from sheer hatred of... people.