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I'm trying to enjoy Dominion

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I stopped playing SR because I have 4k games invested into it easy on 2 accounts and it's just stale to me. I have seen countless games with AFK, DC's, Straight Bad's on both maps. I enjoy the Dominion mechanics more then I do the Summoner Rift's. It doesn't matter what map you play sometimes you are just flat out not going to win in either mode. Don't get disheartened it's going to happen. Buck up and see if you can talk to your team about tactics you think might work. If there's 3 bottom see if you can get 1 backup to help you hold tower while the other 3 topple top. If your top is doing terribad see if you can get a gank on bottom to push out their tower and maybe cap. I have seen comebacks from a 50 point team against a 460 point team and then 50point team has won. Thats the best part about dominion, It's never over until your nexus explodes ^_^