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Twisted Treeline Basics

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EZ Bake Loven

Senior Member


Twisted Treeline is an interesting map that isn't very popular but with the release of these forum badges and rewards, people are starting to look at this as a viable option to earn their own badge. Im currently 18-4 on TTL at 1483, 7 elo away from gold and just in a short amount of time I've learned things that some of the community already knows and some that maybe people don't so here goes:

I. The Map

This map is small but has huge distance between towers. This makes for only 2 ways in to gank unless you can go through a wall which is viable. Notice that the nexus is really close to the fountain so if you're going to push , do it hard and end the game. It is very possible for people to pull minions into the well and catch back up into farm and win the game. Also note that the minion camps with buffs are top aside from the red inbetween both lanes in the center.

II. Characters

This map favors people that can move through walls as well as gankers and bruisers. Running 2 AP is generally not recommended unless you rush double WoTA. Characters like Shaco and Teemo have great map control where as other chars like Lee Sin can jungle, sustain, go through walls, and lane making him higher tier. 3s is a lot more about team comps than 5s vanilla support, ad carry, ap etc.... When choosing your character you want to try and "counter" their picks. Some are hard to counter and that is why they are banned such as singed. The rule of thumb is "don't chase him". It's almost impossible to avoid his poison in the jungle, where most of fights occur. Other mentions are Riven for her amazing presence, stuns, and great mobility. Some fear rammus etc, but this isn't a tier list. Pick based off of comp and their comp.

III. Wards

Always have a minimum of 2 wards. One at dragon and the other guarding red which is the center of the map. Most attempts to gank from other lanes cross across the red minion and will save your life. Dragon on TTL is waaay better than SR because of the buff and getting it is a huge advantage. Other good ward locations are at the oval bushes on either side of the map. Always have wards up. Dragon is a 5 minute spawn btw.

IV. Spawn timers

Early game don't get caught off guard by the timers. After a kill a lot of people are used to pushing in SR. Don't get caught doing this as people are up very fast and the distance to the lane is short. Nothing more to say really on this.

V. Game times

Games on TTL are much shorter than SR and my team has caused half of our wins at a 15 min concede. Remember that this also affects what chars you should play. Know that building for an early - middle game is generally the idea for "MOST" games. You're not going for that endgame Warwick build when the game is decided by 20 minutes most of the time. Build accordingly

VI. Presence / Control

The team that holds control with wards and buffs controls the game and is "winning". Towers don't mean **** in this mode as they fall incredibly fast. Instead of free farming, go around and make sure wards are up and you know where the enemy team is. If you don't, play safe. If the enemy team has vision of dragon and has taken 3 in a row, you're probably not winning the game. Push when your team takes dragon and red buff. Take the jungle buffs after you win a team fight or after you push a tower, don't just B. The more presence you have, the more likely you'll win

VII. Turtling

Don't let this happen. As I stated earlier, it is very easy to do this. When you push an inhibitor, make sure you can finish the game with the next dragon or red. If you're evenly matched with the enemy team, pushing the inhib is usually a bad idea as this allows them to catch up in a sense. Push to win, not for inhib. I';ve won off of this and it ruins the experience for both teams, but when I'm playing for elo, I will do what wins.

VIII. Team comps

2 AP and jungler. This focuses on 2 single ap lanes that rush WoTA and relies on burst and wins early to mid game. These are generally tankier AP like swain / gragas or people that can go through walls like Leblanc / kassadin. This is OK but if it gets past mid game, they generally lose

1 ad bruiser , roamer, and 1 ap. This is 2 solo lanes with a person who constantly ganks. I haven't personally seen this work too well yet I have seen it often. Dont' do this, it's not very viable. Run a jungler instead of a roamer

1 ad bruiser, 1 ap , 1 jungler. Bread and butter. This is a rounded team and is seen often. Ganks from jungler helps and you have beef as well as burst. Viable and is hard to counter pending team comp.

2 ad bruiser lanes and a jungler. This is waay too AD dependant but you'd be surprised how often I see this. If you see this, buy a chain vest and laugh at them. These teams can easily roll your face in late game though so be careful.

1 ranged AD carry, 1 AP, Bruiser jungler. Also pretty standard and a good counter to tanky teams. I've seen vayne rip apart mundo / shyvana / shen in this comp and it works pretty well. This team is a more late game team but has a presence in middle game. This rolls face late game so don't let them get there. This is viable.

Special note: 2 people bot ISN'T viable and only works at low elo. The reason for this is simply because both players can't get solo experience or gold. They have to split everything making them a weaker comp than 2 solo lanes and a jungler. They will almost always be down at least one level and farm when the first team fight occurs. You're gimping the potential of your team if you do this.

IX. Ban List

List of common bans that I've seen a lot recently include:

Riven , Singed, Tryndamere, Shaco, Rammus, Yorick, Renekton, Cho Gath, Lee Sin, Udyr, and that JERK ninja Shen.

These chars are either good early through late, can go through walls, great at team fighting, or fill many roles that make them considered OP on this mode. Notice Mundo isn't on here anymore. He used to be the best char until nerfs. These are standard in the 1400's. If they're not banned, pick them

X. Why Ban These?

Tryndamere: He can spin through every wall in the map. He is hard to kill on SR with 5 players, much less 3. If he gets an early lead he snowballs too hard. He is naturally killed first giving your team a fake "tank" allowing them to free damage. Most consider him OP

Singed You can't deny him farm. He is a monster in jungle fights, you can't avoid his poison. You can't push in their lanes end game. He is very much like he is in 5s. He will tower dive all day once he is fed and doesn't afraid of anything. I perma ban him.

Shaco Good luck killing him on this map. He can jungle all day long and gank any lane whenever he wants by deceiving through the wall. He has great control with boxes and falls off late game but his control is what earns him a spot in the ban list. Don't underestimate how obnoxious he is.

Rammus I don't think he is OP but he rolls low elo games. By the time you call mia, he is ganking your lane no problem. He can jungle or lane fine and is so **** fast it's unreal. His CC is also worth mentioning as controlling 1/3rd of the team while doing aoe ult damage is pretty substantial.

Yorick He ults and suddenly it's a 4v3. If your team lands a kill with him, you suddenly have a 4v2...OP. His ghouls block skillshots and he is a natural tanky dps with sustain. Did I mention you can't push him out of lane?

Lee Sin He jungles, he sustains, he lanes. He can and will do everything perfect on this map while being able to fly through walls. He is hard to gank with his ult and he can wriggles ward and safeguard over walls with it. He doesn't need flash and can safely take dragons with his Q. Need I say more?

Renekton Really solid bruiser with just "ok" sustain. He is a good teamfighter but falls off late game compaired to most tanky dps as he is more of an AD caster. He is viable, but I haven't seen a good one in a long time.

Cho'gath Really underestimated. He has a great CC knockup, a silence, and an ult that finishes Dragon faster than you can get to it. He also has 3k life without any items and does true damage. Don't think he sucks...he doesn't

Udyr Can lane, jungle, and has a stun. He is hard to kill with his shield and makes great use of wriggles which is another ward for control. He is of the few bruisers who offer a solid stun.

Riven She is tanky, kills people really well, can jungle, and offers really good CC on top of that. She is really great at 1v1 and can even 2v1 if fed. Don't think she is a push over.

Shen OP. He can 1v1 easy in lane. His jungle is slow but his ult is retarded. He is really powerful right now and wins games.

XI. Conclusion

I hope this has been informative to some players. I don't have a lot of experience yet, but I do feel as though I have a good feel for 3s and vote up if this has been helpful to you. I will respond to questions or take suggestions gladly if posted. Thanks for your time reading this!

~ EZ Bake

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Pretty good guide, only thing I would say is that if neither team has a jungler, then you should get jungle camps asap to get ahead in leveling, specially if you're top lane.

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Senior Member


Nice guide, definately covers all the basics.

One thing I'll disagree with though is pushing that inhib if you can't win. If dragon/top buffs have been strongly contended, it's in your best interest to keep that top lane pushed, but don't force it into their base, the supers will do that, and if the enemy team steps out to fight the supers, you should force them back (ignoring enemy minions entirely). Keeping it pushed just to the steps gives you control of top jungle with minimum effort.

Also, if enemy team has a lee-sin, be extra vigilant about cleaning out their wards.

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iron Phinatic

Junior Member


As you pointed out, map control is key. My question is regarding the oracles. When should you get oracles? I assume you'd get it on the jungler, is that true? Or is it simply better to stick with vision wards at those two key locations?
Thank you for the write-up, my friends and I are likely going to transition from 5v5 to 3v3 and it'll be a great help

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Senior Member


iron Phinatic:
As you pointed out, map control is key. My question is regarding the oracles. When should you get oracles? I assume you'd get it on the jungler, is that true? Or is it simply better to stick with vision wards at those two key locations?
Thank you for the write-up, my friends and I are likely going to transition from 5v5 to 3v3 and it'll be a great help

I'm not sure if an oracles is ever warranted, except for mid-late game on a very tanky fed champ. It's a LOT of gold for a short game, if there's a chance of you dying.

Pink wards, on the other hand, are great in those locations.

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Lately, our ranked team TT games have all been long. Mostly they end up with the other team turtling in their base, us getting a little bored/frustrated, and then us losing. Our average game is about 40 or so minutes.
I miss the days of quick and exciting TT games!

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Senior Member


you mention presence/control, but you don't really emphasis how important it is.
the extra gold and exp from mid, top and drag buffs is what wins games

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Senior Member


One thing to keep in mind also is that if you are solo top and your lane pushes hard (this can happen even if you are not there) constantly ward and steal enemy neutral camps early and later buffs. If not, it can take about one to two minutes of you not being able to go near creep wave because you will get ganked and you will fall behind really fast. Stealing enemy camps and ganking if you have better ward control is the only way to keep up if your lane pushes with you not being there.

However if it is you have the minions constantly at the tower, this screams for a gank on them if they follow to the tower and if not just hope they are'nt stealing your jungle.

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Arcade Ezreal x

Senior Member


Looks great!

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No CS For You

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