Mysterious mid lane; need a champ for it

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So, I've been playing for a while, but mid lane is still a very strange place to me. The only viable mid I can really play worth anything is Ryze, but I really need more options.

The main issue is that I'm an idiot when it comes playing squishy characters without strong escape mechanisms. I mainly play tanks and tanky DPS. So, my question is, do you guys have a recommendation for a strong mid-laner with good/decent escape mechanisms and some survivability? I've heard good things about Xerath in general, although I'm not sure how he fairs on either of those fronts, and I've also been looking at Talon, who I really enjoy but seems like more of a counter-pick than anything. Any recommendations?

Edit- just ignore this. Gonna post in general instead.

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I see that you say just ignore, but i will answer the question anyway. Try Ezreal. Played as either AD or AP (AD is better) he can be a threat to the enemy and has his blink to get out of trouble. Just remember to NEVER use your blink to initiate or chase unless it is the last enemy from a teamfight

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Morgana and Sion are pretty easy for mid lane in my opinion and really cheap. With Sion, just get shield up, last hit, and play him like a tanky DPS with a ton of burst due to W-Q-W. And with Morgana, it's just so easy to not die with that spell shield, the huge range on Q and W and you're going to be building RoA-->Zhonya's.