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My Run in with a champion (Ahri)

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I Thunderclese I

Senior Member


So, there are absolutely no stories that I've read that are written in 1st person, so I want to be a little unique, and I'll write the 1st one [that i know about] in the forum. The 1st one will be the very 1st champion in the roster in alphabetical order: Ahri: The Nine Tailed Fox.

School was closed that day. I had already done the homework I was given, and I was in the mood to summon some more champions to fight for me. However today, I wanted to try something new. I hadn't tried a free-for-the-week champion in a while. I thought now would be a good time.

I walked into the summoning chambers in the Institute of War, escorted by an unnamed administer, who was part of the Co-op vs AI matchmaking system. I was led into a room simultaneously along with four other summoners, who were escorted by four other administers alike. As my summoning orb was presented to me, I was anticipating trying out my hand with the new champion.

Ahri was just accepted into the league, and had made several appearances already. That Elite Red Summoner, Phreak, made her look really overpowered in his "champion spotlight", as he always does with every champion. Since it was the week after her release, it made sense that she was free this week. I took my summoning orb in my hands, and immediately chose the Nine Tailed Fox. As soon as it happened, I heard a sweet, seductive whisper in my ears.....

"Don't you trust me?"

Honestly, I had no idea what to think. She couldn't have thought I was any more special than anyone else, except for, maybe, the Elite Red Summoners.....I don't know. However, I was thrust into a view high over the Field of Justice we all know as Summoner's Rift. From there, all i had to do was walk into middle lane with this new mage, and deal with a familiar, classic mage that we all know: The Rogue Mage, Ryze.

The match went as planned, as an easy landslide victory for the real summoners, against those artificially "intelligent" summoners. (This was before those summoners were improved by the way). I walked out of the chamber, left to do what I wanted. After a quick glance at the post-match statistics, I walked out of the chamber undaunted. She was powerful, but it was only a bot game. Just another rare "I don't really feel like concentrating hard" moment that I normally don't have. As I was thinking, I heard a familiar voice from right behind:

"That was a wonderful match you played with me, summoner."

I turned and saw nine tails and a stunningly human figure in front of them. I couldn't believe that I was actually talking to Ahri. Or that she was talking to me. I guess she didn't understand that for a skilled summoner like myself, and millions of others, a match against artificial intelligence is simply just a way to willingly waste your time.

"I guess. No big deal" I said to her. She looked much more attractive in person than she did in the Elite Red Artist's interpretation of her, and that's saying something.

"Really, Summoner." In a seductive voice "What you did with me today was breathtaking. I would love to do so much more". She said. I staggered, mentally I thought I was going crazy. Letting out a heavy sigh, I said "After this break, I'll go back to the Institute and summon you again." She stopped me "Oh I wasn't talking about summoning. I just wanted to....comfort you". I turned around, facing her. "Oh...um....I'm okay. I'll just be on my way" I tried to turn, but she took my hand again and said, once again...

"Don't you trust me?"

I cringed inside at the phrase and said, softly "Not exactly, not yet. Maybe, one day, but not right now." With that, I walked away, and walked back to my chambers. Her voice stuck in my head until I made my way home.

When I was at home. I thought "She's not really attached to me. She just wants something out of me. Something, right???"

With that, I changed out of my summoning cloak, jumped on my bed, rolled over, and took a nap.


So how'd I do? leave feedback, and i'll try to improve on future stories like these in the future, if i decide to do them.

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Ryugi Kazamaru

Senior Member


I want more of this. I'm not exactly an enormous Ahri fan, thanks mostly to a certain ex-girlfriend of mine that utterly destroyed any and all enjoyment I could possibly get from a "fox-girl" character, along with those ****able Narutards, but I like the playfulness you've given her.

She feels like a predator stalking her next victim, so to speak, and I like that. So, godspeed good sir.

A little advice, though. If you're looking for success, I would advise you keep away from the surface of Ahri's nature, and slip deeper into what drives her. Sure, she's after the "essence" of humans. And there are a few hundred different jokes about how that essence may be "extracted," but look into what drives her, and what kind of a person you think she is.

Pull that out of her and place it on the page, and I could really see this going places.

EDIT: Also, any puns present in this were completely unintentional. X__x