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Compilation of known Dominion problems

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I'll address the points individually.

Rammus is broken:
No he is not. Yes, he is an exceptional Dominon champ and for that reason a common ban. Still, even when he is present, it is not a 100% gamebreaker.
Best solution: Put a movespeed cap on speed shrines.

AD casters are very strong
Yes, they are but it's not a huge issue. Because-
AP casters are weak -this statement is false. AP is perfectly viable, and I prefer not to run in a team without a hard hitting AP champ. Solution: don't build like you would in SR.

Thornmail is too cost efficient
Maybe, but you don't suffer for waiting and spending more money to fill the same niche going for Frozen Heart. I'd say it's overall better at countering AS than Thornmail (potentially benefits nearby teammates, for one), so Thorn costs less and FH more.

The client crashing bugs the shop and prevents you from buying certain items.
Haven't experienced this, but yeah this could be a big problem.

The scoring system encourages poor play and has no reflection on who is contributing
Read this page.

Death timer windows are counter intuitive
I actually did not know about this, that does seem silly.
However, shouldn't I be trying harder to stay alive rather than die conveniently?
...Says the Kog'maw player who loves successful Icathian Surprise bombs. >_>

Leavers/afkers make the game unwinnable
Pretty much, but no more so than SR. I can think of two solutions.
-Turn off an AFK/DC's exp and gold gain and distribute it amongst the 4 teammates.
-Autokick any summoner who makes no input for the duration of champ select (and/or the 1:20 pregame?)

And for the players: Do your best anyway and try to take satisfaction in your own performance against odds in which you are meant to lose.

Extremely long queue times and unbalanced match making- People automatically lose against premades.
Same issue as SR, same solution. Even so, like SR, won't be a complete "fix"
After all, a team of well coordinated and practiced players will always do better than teams that are not, by nature of being well coordinated and practiced.

Yorick is too strong
This is personal opinion. I have completely denied enemy Yoricks. I have also seen them break my face open. I'd even say that I can overall beat a Yorick more often than I am defeated by one (in personal performance). His Ult is annoying, but not any worse than Poppy, Kayle, or Zilean. Ghosts are annoying, but so are Voidlings, bears named Tibbers, and Heimerturrets.
Like Rammus, a common ban, but not a gamebreaker. He can be overcome.

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Updated with cursor bug.