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The Battle of Mogron Pass

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Author's Note

Hello LoL forums! I'm so glad I discovered the fanfic section because I love writing and fanfics are so fun to write. This is my first story for LoL but I did some for Runescape a while ago before I got banned. Anyway, this is just gonna be a couple chapters of a short story about Swain. This is about a battle I made up that occurs before General Darkwill is killed. Hopefully I'll have more stories to follow.

Battle of Mogron Pass

Jericho Swain did not enjoy being woken up early. Nor did he enjoy being summoned to General Darkwill's throne room. The man reeked of dark magic.

"Then again, so do I." Swain thought.

As he hobbled down the hallway inside of the castle in which Darkwill resided, he began whispering to his friend who was perched on his shoulder.

"Corvus, I will not deal with this man for much more before I snap. I can't take him and his condescending tone. He speaks to me like I'm a useless servant for him to order around. I am a more competent general then he will ever be. You underst-"

Just then, Katrina Du Couteau nearly ran into Swain as he turned a corner.

"Talking to your bird again are we, old man?"

"Ah, Katrina Du Couteau. Always a pleasure. You should watch how you speak to your betters."

"We'll see which of the two of us is better after I cut off your head with my knives."

"Do it."

"My Pleasure."

"I hope you weren't about to do something rash, Katrina." said Talon who had just appeared in the same hallway Swain had recently been travelling down.

"Yes Katrina." Swain said scornfully. "Wouldn't want to have daddy disappointed in you. I think after that last humiliating battle of yours in Freljord, anything else would put him over the edge."

"Swain you had better sleep with one eye open tonight." Katrina replied.

"Be careful who you threaten, girl." Swain said with sudden intensity.

Something about the look in his eye told Katrina that it would be in her bet interest to withdraw. "Whatever you say Swain."

Talon looked at both of them with a scrutinizing eye. "You two sicken me. You think this is a good time to fight? Demacia is a never ending threat to us as are the barbarians in Freljord and our relationship with Ionia could become violent at any moment. We do not need fighting in our own ranks."

Swain paused for a moment, deciding how best to proceed. Deciding, he said, "You are correct Talon. Forever Strong." With the Noxian motto and a flourish, Swain resumed his journey. He brushed past Katrina and traveled down the hallway she had just come from. At then end of the passage, a huge oak door loomed. Swain reached out his palm and emitted a green ball of cackling light which hit the door. Upon the impact of the green ball, the door began disintegrating and soon became a pile of ash which Swain promptly stepped over.

General Darkwill's throne room was large, though not massive and contained a number of treasures which he had obtained during his unnaturally long life. It was built from stone and the entire room had a cold, foreboding feeling towards it. For a soldier with less fortitude than Swain, the room was intimidating, but Swain was unperturbed by it. Darkwill was lounging on his enormous black throne, appearing to be asleep. The throne was also very strange. It was a simpled throne, but protruding from the top was a massive skull of a lizard elder. Also along the sides were the skulls of many golems and wolves.

Swain hobbled down a scarlet carpet that led from the door to the throne. As he neared Darkwill, the man rose from his position. "A little mad about something, are we Swain?"

"Sorry about the door, Grand General. I had a small run in with of few of your Noxian soldiers who I don't particularly care for." Swain said.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Darwill replied. He then muttered a spell of some kind and his door began to swiftly repair itself. "Now, I'm very glad you decided to meet me this early in the morning. I have a new task for you."

"A fight, I hope?"

"Indeed. You see Swain, the Grey Order have lived in the VooDoo lands south of Mogron Pass for years. This land, which would normally kill anyone who attempted to live there, has actually provided a suitable home for the twisted Grey Order. So much so, that they have begun to thrive. There numbers and power is beginning to pose a threat to Noxus."

"And you want me to destroy them?"

"Precisely Swain."

"How am I to go about this?"

"I have given you a detachment of two hundred soldiers who should be able to handle the Order. I also have given you a scout party of twenty soldiers. You are to use any means necessary to kill the Order."

"When can I begin?"

"I was hoping you might leave today."

"Then that is all, General?"

"Actually, there is one more thing. I was unsure whether or not two hundred soldiers would be adequate as our scout reports have not always been entirely accurate."

"You doubt my capabilities?"

"Not at all Swain. I am just cautious so that we don't underestimate the Grey Order's abilities."


"So I decided to send a few distinguished Noxian commanders with you."

Swain realized what Darkwill may be hinting at. "Sir, if I may be so bold. I would ask that you let me pick my field commanders."

"Normally, I would. However, I know who your choices would be and they are currently away on other assignments at the moment."

"Sion is not here? Nor Urgot?"

"Neither. Which is why I have decided to send Katrina Du Couteau and Singed along with you."

As he spoke, the doors opened with a loud thud and Katrina and Singed entered the room.

"Sir, I would like to decline the appointment then."

Darkwill began to reply but Katrina interrupted him, "You never told me I would be under the command of this cripple dust-bag!" Singed merely shook his head.

"I expect all of you to follow the orders I have given you to the letter and obey me without question!" Darkwill said with threatening severity.

"I can't follow your orders if the man you ordered me to follow is no longer living." Katrina said drawing two of her long knives.

Darkwill threw to bolts of black energy at Katrina that missed her by inches. They continued past her and boomeranged back towards Darkwill's throne. They impacted on the skulls on either side of the throne and the skulls became full grown beasts.
Katrina took a few steps back and sheathed her knives. "Not so eager to disobey me now that I have an army of monsters backing me?"

"I'm sorry general." Katrina replied.

"I expected as much." Darkwill said. "Then, if no one has anything else to say. I advise you to be on your way. Your soldiers are already on their way to Mogron Pass. You will meet them there.

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Katrina Du Couteau silently stalked across another section of the barren plain. She and the twenty scouts accompanying her were slowly inching closer to the city that was home to the entire Grey Order. It was situated near the middle of the vast, open area known as the Voodoo lands and had very little protection. The Grey Order had no fear that anyone would attack their home because it was not physically possible for an army to march to the city and besiege it. The many perils that lay on the desolate plain would cripple and destroy the army.

Katrina paused momentarily listening intently. Her powerful mind blocked out the small noises the scouts behind her were making and the ambient noise made by the few creatures living nearby. She heard a slight rustle and felt ever so small a tremble in the earth beneath her feet. Suddenly, she launched herself forward. The two scouts nearest behind her turned at her sudden movement. One opened his mouth to ask what was amiss when the section of ground gave out beneath them. A few other scouts in the vicinity gave small shouts of alarm when they heard the bodies impact on the sharpened stakes at the bottom of the pit. Katrina listened with no surprise whatsoever. The scouts began to assemble around the pit. Each one looked at the scene and grimaced. Katrina looked into the pit assessing it.

The trap must have been built by the Grey Order. Most likely, they used it to hunt the minuscule population of wild animals that called the Voodoo lands home. It was an exceptional trap, easily ten feet across, but it must have been made using magic, Katrina decided. Loose earth had been suspended above thin air and managed to hold her wait. It must have been enchanted so that it only falls when a creature of a large enough weight falls on it so that the trap was not wasted on a field mouse.

"Enough gawking. Its time to move." Katrina declared.

The scouting party fell in line once again behind her and they resumed their journey to the city. About five hundred feet from the first building, Katrina stopped her party and motioned them to circle up close around her. Quietly, she began to lay out the plan. "Our goal is to capture the child named Annie who is the child of Gregori and Amoline Hastur, the leaders of the Order. Once we have captured her, we will bring her back to Swain's army at Mogron Pass. We will ensure that we leave enough of a trail for the Order to find us at the Pass. They will then mobilize whatever force they have, probably about four hundred fighters, and we will destroy them and their army at the Pass."

One of the scouts spoke up. "What is the plan for capturing the Dark Child?"

Katrina scowled, "I was getting to that. We will enter the city in four groups of five. Ensure that each group has at least one spell caster. Three groups will attack the outer buildings in the city and begin to set them on fire. Once the watchmen realize what's happening, they will race out to stop you. Meanwhile, the fourth group, led by me, will sneak through the city and locate the residence of the Hastur's and steal the child. I will shoot a green flare into the air once we have taken the child. All the remaining members of each group will then return to the pitfall trap behind us where we will begin our journey back to Mogron."

Another scout opened his mouth to ask something.

"No questions," Katrina interrupted. "Form groups and move out."

Katrina watched the groups depart. Moments later, a building on the south edge of the city went up in flames. Ten seconds later, smoke began pouring out of a building on the east side. Katrina heard shouts of alarm from some people in the streets and the shouts of the watchmen organizing their defense. Katrina turned to the four scouts near her. "Forever Strong," she said, and the five of them raced off into the city.


Jericho Swain was standing atop a small ridge on the north side of Mogron pass looking out of the encampment of his two hundred soldiers. It wasn't a huge force but he had every confidence that his superior abilities as a general and commander would compensate for his army being outnumbered. Any moment, he expected Katrina and her scouting party to return with the Dark Child so he returned his gaze to the treeline of the small forest that separated Mogron from the Tempest Flats. A few minutes later, Corvus gave a small squack and pointed with his pitch black wing to a spot about a thousand feet from where Swain was looking. Sure enough, a small group of about three men staggered out of the trees and towards the army carrying a small, unconscious child between them. Corvus alerted Swain that this was the remains of the scouting party. Swain quickly descended the ridge and sped to his armies' encampment.

He arrived in the camp simultaneously with the pathetic remnant of the scouting party. Soldiers began to mill about the three survivors asking questions and taking their equipment. Swain muttered a spell and his men quickly became immobilized by magical talons grabbing their feet and holding them to the ground. Swain swiftly stole through the crowd of unmoving soldiers to the three men. He muttered another spell and Corvus shot a tendril of energy that wrapped around the group. He turned on his heel and stormed back to his tent with the remains of the scouting party behind him.

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"For the last time, where have your men taken my daughter?" Gregori Hastur screamed at Katrina. His face was only a few inches away from hers. In reply, she spat right into his left eye.

Gregori roared in exasperation. He smacked with the back of his hand yet again. He had done it so many times in the last hour that she no longer felt the sting when his hand connected with her cheek. "Have you even tried looking for them?" She spat.

"Of course we have!" He retorted. Turning to his wife who was in the corner of the bleak room, he asked, "We have tried looking, haven't we?"

"I'm not sure," his wife replied.

"Well get sure!" He yelled. "If I want anything done right, I have to do it myself!" Gregori stormed out of the room with his wife right behind him spouting excuses all the way. The single door in the room slammed shut behind them.

Katrina sighed and relaxed as much as possible in the uncomfortable wooden chair. Her hands were tied at the elbows and the wrists to prevent her from being able to reach any of her knives. She leaned her head back and recalled the events of the last three hours.

She and her men had just broken from the meeting spot and dashed off into the city. They passed the first few buildings without any trouble. All four of Katrina's men had passed ahead of her, each eager to be the first one to the Hastur residence to have so they could be the one to secure the child. Katrina, however, had no reason to be the first one there and was taking her time to attain a proper understanding of the situation. Her finely tuned senses searching every alley and every rooftop for any sign of trouble. Suddenly, she saw something on the ground fifty feet ahead of her men. "Stop!" She screamed. Unfortunately, her warning came to late. All four of her men where in a headlong rushed and were caught completely off guard when a wall of metal spikes rose up out of the ground. Katrina had seen many of her men die before but she still shuddered a little as she watched the corpses of her men hang on the spikes.

A bolt of magic flew from a rooftop on Katrina's right. She turned just in time to throw up a shield of energy which absorbed the shot. A woman jumped from the roof down to the street and landed face to face with Katrina. This must be how the trap was activated. The woman saw her men coming and activated the trap at the precise second where the victims wouldn't be able to turn back."I always enjoy killing my enemies, but I'm going to relish ending your life." Katrina said.

The other woman drew a long, thin sword in response. The two combatants slowly circled each other. Katrina kept her knives in her belt knowing that she would be able to draw them at the opportune moment to give her the element of surprise. The other woman seemed unfazed that her opponent had yet to draw a weapon. As they wheeled around, Katrina noticed every detail of her adversary's countenance. The woman's mouth remained close but her teeth were clearly clenched. Her eyes were squinted, watching Katrina. A small bead of sweat hung just above her left eye. Her sword was held lightly in her left hand but the woman's flexed forearms told Katrina that the moment they began fighting her grip would turn to iron. The bead of sweat slowly rolled down the woman's forehead onto her eyebrow. It quivered there for one moment before sliding into the woman's eye. The woman blinked, and Katrina was on her.

Katrina lunged forward drawing her two long knives from behind her back as she moved. Before the woman finished blinking, Katrina was thrusting her knife toward's her enemies heart. Instinct told the other woman to move and the blade missed her by millimeters. The woman had regained her composure now and she began mounting a counter attack on Katrina. Her fight style was reserved but her attacks seemed to fly at random. Katrina slashed high with the knife in her right and and immediately, the knife in her left and followed with a slice and the woman's knee. The woman ducked under the high slash and blocked the low one with her rapier. Then Katrina's adversary threw two high slashes which were blocked with disdainful ease by Katrina. The woman stepped back and then, almost as if on a whim, stabbed at Katrina's midsection. The blade caught Katrina in her upper right thigh. Katrina winced but snapped the blade with her knife. In one quick motion, she flipped the knife around in her hand and hurled it at the woman. She never saw the blade coming and it impaled her in her forehead.

Katrina slumped down to the ground and pulled the remains of the sword out of her thigh. Blood gushed from the wound but she stifled it with a quick spell. She tried to stand but found her leg couldn't quite support her. About one hundred feet down the road, one of the members of the scouting party noticed her. Him and his two companions ran over to her. "Where are the other two of you." She inquired.

"Dead," one man answered.

"As are all mine. We can assume everyone else is probably dead so I'm entrusting you three with the responsibility of securing the Dark Child."

"Understood Ma'am. Is there anything we can do to assist you?"

"I will be fine, now go."

Katrina's mind returned to her present situation. Clearly she had not been fine. Moments after a member of the guard had found her passed out in the middle of the road. Now she could only hope those men had found the girl and taken her to Mogron. Suddenly, the door to the dismal room she was in was thrown open. Gregori Hastur re-entered with a smile on his face. "We found your men's trail. They will be dead within the hour. We no longer have any use for you." He said.

Two men in guard uniforms dragged her out of the chair and roughly handled her out of the room. They carried her down a long hallway and out a backdoor. Once outside, they carried her about a thousand feet from the city. She looked up and found herself at the edge of a huge pit filled with stinking trash from the city. She guessed it was a twenty foot fall from the edge to the stinking mounds of garbage. Her escorts gave her a quick shove, and she fell into the pit. "If you don't eat anything, you'll be dead in about three days. If you do, the rotten food will kill you in six hours." One of the two guards taunted. Then laughing, the pair walked away from the dump.


The inside of Swain's tent was warm but not in the least bit inviting. Swain had stationed a guard of twenty men on the Dark Child just outside his tent. The three survivors from the scouting party explained the details of the botched plan. "Everything was going okay. We lost one man from our group to a spike trap in the street and another in combat with one of the cities guards but the three of us had made it into the city. I found Katrina lying in the road and she told us to find the Dark Child. Fortunately, we were only a couple hundred feet from the Hastur home. We raced there. Neither of the parents were home so we just stole into the girl's room and took her. She tried toe resist but Mikey gagged her mouth and I took her little teddy bear away and she was powerless. Then was came here as quickly as possible."

"And you left a trail for them to follow?" Swain asked.

"I expect they will be here within the hour." The scout replied.

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I cringe a little bit on the inside when I see the phrase "fanfics are easy" and typos in the same post.

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Just added the first part. Not that long but it should develop nicely. We'll see.

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Bump for another part of my short little story